How to use Twitch Alerts on OBS (Tutorial)

Learn how to add Twitchalerts, to your OBS streaming application including: Follower alerts, Donation alerts.

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  • Jesperano 4 years ago

    The sound doesnt work i can play it on the http but nothing comes up when i click try follow alerts….

  • BremseKorv 4 years ago

    duuuude this didnt help at all the frist i thought yay finally, but in the end u fucked it up big time XD

  • Drunkend Zombie 4 years ago

    Very confusing tutorial

  • xiReaper - 4 years ago

    This was a great video! but i have simple problem when i press Donation test i cant see it in OBS and i already installed CLR and i already put the link of twitch alert in OBS thanks you for ur help (:

  • Trial_and_Error_2day 4 years ago

    Thank you for making this video. I was just curious if I need to have OBS opened as I'm streaming to see new followers? I see it says OBS "Start Streaming". Thank you for your help.

  • joedaddy gaming 4 years ago

    i dont have any of the settings inside the window capture.  Just a check box for capture cursor and multi-adapter capability. So my OBS captures the entire window, URL and all.  I am using 64bit OBS


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