How to use Nightbot (Twitch Bot) song request

Title says it all, just a simple tutorial.
Twitch issued instructions:
To request a song, type “!songrequest [youtube video ID].” Your Youtube Video ID is the last part of a Youtube URL after the ?v=

Btw: I got hit by copyright on Flight, that’s why the music seems weird.



  • vasilakoss 1 year ago

    The real question is, how can I see the queue list on a channel?

  • Desigodfather 1 year ago

    need your help bro, like seriously i'll pay you 10$ just for 10min's I need to figure out what i'm doing wrong and why my music isn't playing through my stream i've watched your video's over 20x… I can't figure it out.. My skype is Desigodfather and i'll pay first

  • karel steenssens 1 year ago

    if i play music on my stream i'm the only one who can hear my music my viewers can't hear my music and my auto dj screen is open? can you help me plz

  • Bnsf67 1 year ago

    I've been doing that same thing as you and many other tutorials for this. But whenever I request a song. Instead of saying the name of the song, and the person who requested it, it just says "your song has been added" but it never gets added…

  • E.163 1 year ago

    it also work on ps4?

  • Christian Lugo 1 year ago

    Do I need my pc volume up? Sorry I'm new

  • Prsupaman Gaming 1 year ago

    The ppl in my stream can't hear the music unless it's coming out of my pc's speakers and into my mic. I know your suppose to save and extract the file on to your computer and I guess link the current song to your channel but they can't hear it…

  • Joseph Romero 1 year ago

    What if your on a tablet

  • ThePWNagePWR 1 year ago

    I dont understand why Twitch mutes VODs with copyrighted music, but when I go into people's streams and they do song requests they're not muted. And they play copyrighted music on their all the time. I understand that to get past being muted on VODs is to have Past Broadcasts turned off, but guess what they still have Past Broadcasts on playing copyrighted music, and still not get muted.

  • Valder 1 year ago

    That's was no help to me at all

  • Joshua Dimon 1 year ago

    how do u play songs directly from your playlist

  • Safian Afzal 1 year ago

    I can't hear the music when someone requests a song or I play my playlist

  • tord 1 year ago


  • BootySmasherz 1 year ago

    Can you do a video on how you set it up?

  • evilnitewing 1 year ago

    How do you let viewers watch the video?

  • Fellow Nick 1 year ago

    Do you have to keep the Nightbot menu open? to play the song for the stream? What if your streaming from El Gato? 

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