How to Upload from Twitch TV to youtube

This shows how to upload your live streams from to Updated video:

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  • potato potato potato potato potato potato potato 1 year ago

    holy shit this old layout

  • Xero Lewis 1 year ago

    Yo,thanks so much.I subbed because of how helpful this info was! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Raymond Fitzjohn 1 year ago

    Hopefully someone can help me out here. I upload to youtube from twitch it says it will send an email when it is done, but when i go to my video manager i do not see an uploading video like i normally do. why is this and how to i fix it?

  • Angry Dummy 1 year ago

    thanks dude!

  • Hitman XZ 1 year ago

    i miss 2012 twitch :C

  • Teo 1 year ago

    lol this video was uploaded day after my birthday but in 2012

  • Jesse Bowles 1 year ago

    very helpful

  • Daniel Dieter 1 year ago

    thank you!

  • BlitzDuzm 1 year ago

    What if i want to save other people's broadcasts?

  • TheDeadSource 1 year ago

    Nice, still mostly relevant. Thanks!

  • Aaryan The Ace Panda 1 year ago

    Thanks for the help ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Sukinoid AJ 1 year ago

    I turned on archive but it still says no videos D:

  • Andrea Nicolis 1 year ago

    Thank you for the guide, very helpful

  • teamtryhards 1 year ago

    i did the disable and now it wont let me in my account

  • Riexle Racho 1 year ago

    I cant find the video uploading to youtube

  • Tf2Gamers 1 year ago

    thanks you

  • Ralph~DeLuca 1 year ago

    so do I need to link my YouTube account and twitch

  • KOBKED-X 1 year ago

    What I need to know is how to adjust the resolution of the video,ย  I twitch stream at 720p and when it shows up on youtube its looking 360p and blurry… I can't seem to find any help online and so I'm posting a question here, where are the conversion setting options either for export or upload ?… if there are none, I'll just record and upload directly from my pc.

  • Obiel DeNook 1 year ago

    This was a great help.ย  I plan to broadcast on Twitch and upload videos on YouTube a lot.

  • RaiderKing III 1 year ago

    This virtually saved my life!!!!!!!!!! Thank You soooooooooooooooooo much!

  • Insanemunk 1 year ago

    This really helped me a lot thank you!!!

  • Relio 1 year ago


  • Marvelforever22 1 year ago

    Good video it is helpful

  • The Tommy Way 1 year ago

    Thx, dude that helped a lot ๐Ÿ˜€

  • young kobe 1 year ago


  • Paradox 1 year ago

    It says I have no vids

  • I Ate Your Socks 1 year ago

    Please help I made a broadcast and it says no videos found HELP D:

  • Sam Cassells 1 year ago

    I just broadcasted and I cant get my broadcast how is that

  • โ€œThe Sceneโ€ Sebastian Taylor 1 year ago

    This helped a lot. Thank you so much.

  • mrx 1 year ago

    wow know i see it was a old video yt dos not got the side bar no more

  • Play Through Hell Peruvian Knight 1 year ago

    Thanks a lot your vid helped me alot

  • warrenharper28 1 year ago

    hey you need to make an other video because they change there site over the years, i don`t know how do to that on the setting button right next to share option only has report video and message

  • TripleCxd - Retired 1 year ago

    Do u have to be turbo?

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