How To Twitch: “How to make Overlays”

How to make Overlays for twitch. Setting up Overlays can be complicated, hopefully this guide helps.
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How to install plugins:


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  • Moden of Sult 3 years ago

    Why 1920×1080 for us and 4K for you?

  • BlueBalls 3 years ago

    BOOM!!!!!!!!! FFS talk slower show more.. -.-'

  • Live Harmandir Sahib 3 years ago

    How about 0:15 till 0:32

  • Uel Shanklin 3 years ago

    Not going to lie. the instruction are clear cut if you know photoshop, so i give this a thumbs up

  • DirtyBongHong 3 years ago

    It doesn't let "save for web", what do I do?

  • Fuzion 3 years ago


  • CrazeCranium 3 years ago

    If your names DrPlayStationNation why didn't you make your logo a playstation controller with some doc wear around or on it? just something stupid i wanted to ask

  • MIKEY CHAINSAW 3 years ago

    How do you set it up to live stream while iam gaming?

  • eyelashed viper 3 years ago

    do you need a capture card if you want to use obs while streaming on playstation?

  • Brandtbob 3 years ago

    11:08 wtf was that voice crack?

  • MXR SFX 3 years ago


  • dahippness 3 years ago

    what, you don't we can stream in 4k lol

  • Captain75c 3 years ago

    What Font is that?

  • Oh yeah yeah 3 years ago

    What if your streaming on Xbox how does it work then

  • Mad Alleycat 3 years ago

    For free illustration software I can recommend Krita! 🙂

  • ishybeats 3 years ago

    if you choose your dimensions by typing in pixel width and heigh. DPI makes no difference, as in its Pixel Per Inch. since your choosing how many pixels its going to be. that wont affect it. it would only affect it if you chose your dimensions in inches or other units of measurement except pixels.

  • BerzerkBattery 3 years ago

    tip: is a good free alternative to photoshop that you can download at

  • HOWTO /VIDEO 3 years ago

    So I'm getting a computer for my birthday and I want to become a full time twitch streamer and thanks for the advice I sub and I like

  • Laura Fruge 3 years ago

    is cs6 free

  • Faisal Haffien 3 years ago

    can that for shadow play too?

  • Decisive C 3 years ago

    my streams are 720p tho do i put 1280 by 720?

  • David Thomason 3 years ago

    Annnnndddd ya lost me

  • TheBreezingArctic 3 years ago

    you earned a sub

  • killahpeedo 3 years ago


  • _ LoDeMu _ 3 years ago

    what computer are you using ? ( right now)

  • Tryo Night 3 years ago

    Is this a tutorial or are you flexing how good you are at photoshop come on man help us out

  • shelton biggs 3 years ago


  • Taylor Lining 3 years ago

    Was very helpful . I was a tad overwhelmed but this was helpful

  • IBHi Gaming 3 years ago

    Gimp is great!! Always been my go to

  • SpaceOrbison 3 years ago

    Question… if your monitor is 1080p but broadcasting in 720p what resolution should your layout be?

  • Danny Danny 3 years ago

    -3 daily sub average

  • Roooney 3 years ago

    thanks bro

  • Jordan Zahalka 3 years ago

    very bad tutorial if im being honest. went way to fast i could not follow anything you did. Now searching for a different tutorial.

  • DopeBio 3 years ago

    Could you use ps4 to live on twitch will using a overlay????

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