How to Subscribe for FREE to a Twitch Channel using Amazon Prime Membership

Subscribe to a twitch channel FREE with amazon prime membership tutorial!



  • bean queen 7 months ago

    ut us tomyy innit

  • Jason McKinney 7 months ago

    i heard you can subscribe to a channel for free monthly with amazon prime. If thats true how do you do that?

  • Sam SY 7 months ago


  • David Macadam 7 months ago

    A caveat. You have to actually pay one month to Amazon Prime to get free Twitch Subs

    You cant join Amazon Prime for the trial and get a free Twitch Sub, then leave Amazon Prime.

  • Andrews FA 7 months ago

    How come when I try to verify my account on twitch it sends the code to an account that I have never seen in my life.

  • Martha Baby 7 months ago

    I donโ€™t get the free sub token

  • HerobrineSLAYER 7 months ago

    Can you not use your twitch prime sub on mobile or something because I donโ€™t see the sub with twitch prime option on the app

  • BANKSISDEAF 7 months ago

    Can I sub to multiple channels

  • Will Fain 7 months ago

    I have twitch prime and never got a free sub

  • Emre Playz 7 months ago

    my free sub box is greyed out i cant subscribe to any streamers

  • J Santana 7 months ago

    If you have an amazon prime membership, do you get free subs with streamers?

  • THE GHOST 7 months ago

    HI i just want to ask
    do i get one free sub every month?

  • Vaishakh Anoop 7 months ago

    Can I get any level subscription?

  • leighton lanzetta 7 months ago

    any one know why on my channel people dont have the option to use their prime to sub to me ?

  • Eamon Welter 7 months ago

    Do you need a PC to do this?

  • Lucas Marchione 7 months ago

    How many subs can you do

  • iionSinEscanor 7 7 months ago

    It says twitch prime is unavailable?

  • Mario Puentes 7 months ago

    Can you subscribe to more people or is it only one

  • G0dzila 7 months ago

    Not working, only after that 7 days free trial I can sub.

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