How To Stream Xbox One To Windows 10 Using OBS & Twitch – WORKING PARTY CHAT TUTORIAL! (2017)

How to stream Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC using OBS, and live streaming to Twitch! This tutorial also explains HOW TO MAKE PARTY CHAT WORK PROPERLY Which seems to be one of the biggest issues with the Xbox One Windows 10 Streaming Setup! PLEASE DROP A LIKE IF THIS VIDEO HELPS!

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  • Hamad Saad Vlogs 1 year ago

    This is smart

  • Dee Williams 1 year ago

    Is There Any way we could Video chat Me And Help?

  • Daniel Ballez 1 year ago

    thank you so much ive been looking for 2 hours thanks you it really helped

  • EC bros 1 year ago

    Can u play on a tv and have a laptop to read chat and stuff and will that work

  • TTV Tyku3 1 year ago

    Nice it worked thanks

  • Ridoys Gaming 1 year ago

    My stream option doesnt work

  • Ridoys Gaming 1 year ago

    Do i need a xbox for streaming on Windows 10?

  • x GFGxSpecOps x 1 year ago

    🙏🏼 thank you

  • Brad preston 1 year ago

    if your xbox is close just use the xbox controller hooked up to the xbox your pc will still show everything your doing then you can use party chat and play with 0 Lag…i did this today streaming my Nintendo Switch through my Xbox one guide streaming on my PC

  • use code trifsy 1 year ago

    when I try to add a source it doesn't say monitor capture HELP!!!1

  • Selfmedicate 1 year ago

    can u use you camera on your computer with this

  • Scumpeezy Games 1 year ago

    Still helpful two years later, because using this u can use a webcam attached to it

  • TattooJaye 1 year ago

    Can you go deeper into how your monitors are set up

  • GooogleMan 1 year ago

    Is this the Xbox smartglass app?

  • Philip Eplin 1 year ago

    you can blue tooth with your computer for the controller

  • David Rosales Argüello 1 year ago

    can i use my pc headset to talk with my friends?

  • WIDESPREAD GAMING 1 year ago

    so i have an astro a40 mix amp and i cant get group[ audio. the mix amp is connected to my xbox with digital audio and usb and i plug in my xbox controller to my xbox. and i have a mic for my pc. but i cannot get group chat at all. what am i doing wrong and how do you run the astro a40s?

  • Twitch Ixbladevii 1 year ago

    Xbox app asks for a pin when I sign in. I log into my email and it doesn’t send me a pin?!

  • BeaT Smile 1 year ago

    To be able to hear party chat through your stream, you can also go to “settings” on your Xbox, then “display & sound”,then “volume”, then “party chat output”, and finally put “speakers”

  • StepBack Shayan 1 year ago

    What about game volume

  • Zane Dean 1 year ago

    How do I connect the stream that's streaming my Xbox to twitch?

  • Kirneill Joseph 1 year ago

    How is this set up compared to a elgato HD60s i5 CPU (no GPU) set up? Would it be the same?

  • Eric J 1 year ago

    I find when I stream that way that my stream works fine for a minute but the stream freezes but Web cam still works fine on stream. Any ideas on how to fix it?

  • TGKira 1 year ago

    controller inputs lag uncontrollably and wont stop vibrating. Very frustrating

  • H8 M8 1 year ago

    Thanks for the help, deserves a like definitely. Keep up the good work! 😀

  • chikis117 ttv 1 year ago

    i used two remotes to display sound through obs to m y stream. left one controller connected to the xbox app and another connected to the xbox itself with a headset mic connected, afterwards i set my audio settings to "speakers&headset", and there you have it….it works just fine….

  • KrisLBK 1 year ago

    Did i need to have good pc

  • RDT Twisted 1 year ago


  • puertalykan 1 year ago

    My controller works without the USB.

  • Leopardos Running 1 year ago

    if I do the direct streaming of the xbox one the game is heard but my microphone is not heard and if I do it from the PC my mic is heard but not the audio of the game

  • Probo HQ 1 year ago

    What if my Xbox and computer are not close to each other

  • MR Rex Gaming 1 year ago

    Can I still do it without a USB

  • Xtricbolt 1 year ago

    just use party chat thru your pc with the xbox app

  • Daren Gauthier 1 year ago

    Xbox gear seems to be crap these days, I am using a rig, and I am sure it would work

  • THE SAPPIENS 1 year ago

    Nice job, man… tutorials have tp be as simple as yours. I had this issue with mics and party chats. Thank you 4 the tip.

  • Damian Solis 1 year ago

    Did you used to screen plus de tv or just your computer and your xbox

  • Wyoming 118 1 year ago

    It helps a lot thank you. Will discord work with the stream?

  • idonthaveagoodname lol 1 year ago

    here is a better way-

    have a controller and usb

    connect controller to pc

    get xbox headset

    connect headset to controller

    bam you dont need a vid for this its that easy.

  • Gamez on Fleek 1 year ago

    You actually do not need to connect your controller to the pc you can just click continue and it works fine

  • cody archambault 1 year ago

    “All you need is a computer with windows 10 and an Xbox one” 2 minutes later “you need a wired controller and an actual computer mic”

  • Brian T 1 year ago

    One of the worst videos I've seen with a title explaining how to do something and nothing is done

  • ODCO23 1 year ago

    Dude I hate this stream shit why can’t we just plug our Xbox and live wire it

  • Bryce Linder 1 year ago

    Hey man, I did this setup yesterday and it was working great. Until I started playing. I had some major delay from my controller to the Xbox while it was plugged into the computer. Any ideas on why or how to fix it? Thanks!

  • Dakota 1 year ago

    Great video, straight to the point

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