How to Stream Using the Elgato Game Capture HD (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc) [EASY]

Best method to stream using the elgato game capture HD! Give it a try, I think I will!

Speed test: http//

Tutorials to setup capture card:
PS4 –
Xbox One –
iDevice –
PS3 –


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My Equipment:
Canon G7x, DJI Spark, GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition, Elgato Game Capture HD60S, iPhone 8 Plus



  • MidnightMan 2 years ago

    Tutorial on how to stream to Twitch and YouTube at the same time HERE!

  • Causing Havoc 2 years ago

    Thanks bro 🤗

  • DeadEyeDaTox 2 years ago

    Title: Elgato Capture HD
    in vid: game capture hd60s…. bro…
    there is a difference!!! I thought this would help me :/

  • SpiderWalrus Brother 2 years ago

    Just wanted to say thanks good brother for educating me on this product, also we might be cousins, because my last name is Powell as well lol…… Familyyyyyy

  • Qexcy 2 years ago

    My upload speed is 67.8

  • NinjaNutz ForFun 2 years ago

    Calm down black Ali-A

  • NinjaNutz ForFun 2 years ago

    I'm wanting to kill myself

  • Off - Meta 2 years ago

    What do I do if my upload speed is 53? what settings do I put it on?

  • SurdusStardust 2 years ago

    does it delay few seconds while streaming or instant?

  • John Despo 2 years ago

    So if you have elgato that means you don’t need OBS anymore?

  • LorcanB7 :D 2 years ago

    Thank u sooooo much

  • FanmaR 2 years ago

    Detailed, quick, clear instructions and a charismatic guy doing it. Fantastic man, thank you very much!

  • zN_Whalrus 2 years ago

    great video man. The first that I've watched from you for sure subscribed

  • Patty Richards 2 years ago

    I was thinking I needed obs and elgato at the same time

  • CosmiC ツ 2 years ago

    Hi when I try to stream it says you have a bad reputation but when i check my account it says I have a good reputation how can i fix that?

  • Gustavo castrejon 2 years ago

    Now do I connect my streamlabs so I can see the pop up alerts for followers?

  • Awesome Tech Gaming 2 years ago


  • Freddie Berry 2 years ago

    What mbps do you use with the connection you have do you use the max one ?

  • Fleesaw The gamer 2 years ago

    My wifi Sucks soo bad the speed test won't work lol

  • AliveVI 2 years ago

    I have a problem with allowing youtube to stream. Overtime I click allow elgato to steam to my youtube when adding my channel it keeps asking me to sign into it over and over again. Can you help with this?

  • Trippy Thz 2 years ago

    Hey can somone help me , i have set up my account and all but the stream button isnt there .

  • Eli Mack 2 years ago

    i support blacks!

  • ELITE X ECH0 2 years ago

    How do I get rid of the black bars in the side

  • Miguel Mercury 2 years ago

    Are you using the pc FaceCam or other?

  • Miguel Mercury 2 years ago

    This FaceCam of PC can record gameplay?

  • twee bag03 2 years ago

    Can u use a USB device?

  • Chalkyeye 2 years ago

    Can I use the test results from the PS4 internet test?

  • Alex Taylor 2 years ago

    Hey bro loved the video. I seem to be running Into a problem currently because it is saying when I am streaming my webcam seems to stop working properly and it says something like I cannot stream at 30fps and my webcam just shows a still image of me. Please help as to what I need to do. Thanks.

  • Devicraft 2 years ago

    I have a problem
    Every time before I stream the software says I am doing 1080
    Then when I click stream, my quality will go down to 720

    What is happening pls help

  • Strike1 Gaming And Reviews 2 years ago

    It's Very Simple Just Read The Requirements Needed For Using The Capture Card For You're Pc Or Laptop And It Will Work Fine At Average Settings But If You Have A Beast Of A Pc Just Crank Up The 1080p @ 60 Fps. Nice Vid MidnightMan.

  • Llama Punch 2 years ago

    How do you record party chat? And in game chat

  • Ol Man Wrinkles 123 2 years ago

    Your the most Og fortnite player I’ve ever seen

  • 1,000 Subscribers with no videos 2 years ago

    How to put a thumbnail for the stream

  • William Brown 2 years ago

    It won’t let me livestream

  • Infantry T 2 years ago

    Do those stream over lays from stream command pop up on your TV screen if youre using the PS4 camera plugged into the PS4?

  • Ominous RayZ 2 years ago

    Can I use this with a tv or only monitor

  • Lee Diaz 2 years ago

    When I try to stream directly from my PS4 the game is too laggy and I can’t play, will it be as laggy using the Elgato ??

  • Unknown1357237 2 years ago

    My stream button doesn’t work help

  • Homeless Camera 2 years ago

    When you have 606 mbps upload speed 😐

  • J T 2 years ago

    How do u get ur phone to record?

  • Grind Up 2 years ago

    Love the energy. I subbed

  • Jeremey Romero 2 years ago

    If I’m streaming should I plug my Ethernet to my pc or my Xbox?

  • JUST CALL ME WEBB 2 years ago

    How much does the Elgato cost?

  • DamnationGamingDen 2 years ago

    Speeds not that great

  • The Q news 2 years ago

    I have 2 pcs, my Xbox and the tv the Xbox is hooked up. How do I stream with OBS

  • Flips H20 2 years ago

    How do I get the clips to post on Instagram ?

  • xXSHADOWXx_JJ 2 years ago

    So you CAN set it up so the people watching you can hear your voice and the in game audio? I just want to make sure

  • BrightEyze 2 years ago

    Kinda Helpful – but for me my voice and chat are not coming through – 😳

    Have an Elgato HD60s and PS4 PRO and PC – but party chat and my voice don’t come through – have tried the Elgato chat link, the stream aux port on my TAC mix amp no joy!

    Guessing I’ll need an Astro Headset and USB mic 🎙 for the PC to get it all working!

    Wish this had been simpler to set up lul 😳

  • Vamo al game 2 years ago

    hank you, God bless you bro

  • nesar. 2 years ago

    can anyone tell me how can i get Internet on my Ps4 if i have to put the internet cable into the pc. how should the ps4 get the internet than

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