How to Stream to Twitch Using OBS With An Ultrawide 21:9 Monitor

Streaming on an Ultrawide monitor such as the Acer Predator X34 or the Dell U3415w can be a finicky business at the best of times. This guide should answer the questions: “How to stream using an ultrawide monitor?” and “How to stream with a 21:9 monitor”. I use the OBS or Open broadcaster software that’s absolutely free of charge. It works incredibly well with ultra wide monitors.

I cover how to stream natively at 21:9, also how to stream a game that isn’t support at your monitors native resolution as if it were 21:9. Ultrawide resolutions are classified typically with these two resolutions: 3440×1440 and 2560×1080. It’s a very immersive and useful resolution. Not quite the pixels of 4k, but at 1440 on a 34″ panel, the pixel density is in the sweet spot.

In this guide I show you how to stream Overwatch, Bioshock infinite and Inside using a 21:9 aspect ratio and how to scale it appropriately in order for you to get a quality stream.

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  • Matt Kander 2 years ago

    Skip to 7:20 for formatting your Stream with an ultrawide game 🙂

  • ehxls 2 years ago

    My res is 2560×1080 but every time I stream my screen is cramped up

  • Steeyo 2 years ago

    I love you. ♥

  • OppressorPlay 2 years ago

    Thank you, men!

  • Mikael Bilstrup 2 years ago

    Is it possible to stream with a 21:9 monitor and make the twitch stream see 16:9 ? Without me using windowed mode, wich ruin the purpose of having a 21:9 monitor. Or will my stream always have black bars because I choose to have a 21:9 ?

  • Slaver Studios 2 years ago

    What if I have a regular wide-screen monitor and I just want to record & render in this ratio for the cinematic value?

  • DaNNy777StyleS Ăn Bánh Lọt 2 years ago

    i cant see shit in ur video quality as fked

  • jmac05r1 2 years ago

    Thanks for the video, quick question, are you using a capture card as well? would it be best to use a capture card or just the OBS software?

  • Alex Wakatipu 2 years ago

    Kia Ora Matt

    I have Ultrawide monitor Dell U3415w with resolutions: 3440×1440.

    What is the best Output resolution to run display capture in my case?

    OBS didn't work. how could I solve this please? any help would be very appreciated!

  • Tristan H 2 years ago

    you shouldn't be down scaling as it limits the performance

  • Arv Procyon 2 years ago

    this video really really helpfull

  • BrianTheNoob 2 years ago

    Single pc?

  • Dusty Wizard 2 years ago

    Can you run a game at 21:9 but stream it in 16:9 and just cut the sides of the image off for the viewing audience, since this is what the game would look like in 16:9 anyway?

  • Nandi262 2 years ago

    thx man <3

  • Miguel Torres Cadavid 2 years ago

    thank you men

  • RedAreshan 2 years ago

    my monitor is weird 3440×1440

  • MugiTurira 2 years ago

    you are the best

  • G4uChOplay 2 years ago

    puta que pariu que bosta de video !!

  • Uprising3k 2 years ago

    The mic thumping in this video…made it to 7 min…couldn't take your hitting the mic / desk any more. (I know it's an old video…just came across it though).

  • Amarrotado 2 years ago

    didn't work for blade and soul neither

  • Maths Plus Games 2 years ago

    but both your settings is 21:9

  • Anym 2 years ago

    tbh I don't find it that professional looking. everything looks squished together when though it's not.

  • xxxJustGIOxxx 2 years ago

    bla bla bla bla bla bla…… to much bla bla not so much istant facts….

  • Dustin Gleaton 2 years ago

    What about 3440×1440?

  • Jermaine 2 years ago

    I've watched this video like….15 times. Thank you for this video!!!

  • GrajmajterPlay 2 years ago

    Hey,Ty for the video,but how can i put the base resolution 3440×1440 and output resolution for comfortable watching on twitch for my viewers,and to don't have a BLACK STICKS on the sides of the TWITCH player???Thank you a lot!

  • TK 2 years ago

    Can you please make a video like this but for streaming on YouTube?

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