How to Stream to from a Mac

This tutorial is for Mac users looking to stream gameplay (with picture in picture) to from your Mac. Program links can be found below! Feel free to ask me any questions you have! You already need to have a capture card and a Twitch account for this.


CamTwist –
Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder & Profile –
Soundflower –
LineIn –


There a multiple ways to do this… These are just the programs that have worked for me! All opinions expressed are my own and feel free to ask me for help! Please note that this process is very CPU intensive and that your machine can handle this. I also highly suggest using a second computer, tablet, etc to open your twitch chat to cut down on the processes open on your computer.



  • Princ3matt517 3 years ago

    but how do you do this with apps you already have on the mac???? i'm trying to stream minecraft.

  • Armando Tonight 3 years ago


  • Alan Roka 3 years ago

    Were say Device i don't have cactwist why ?

  • DeVontay Yos 3 years ago

    i can't download any type of these programs with my macbook pro 2013. keeps telling me that my security settings don't allow  me to open non apple software??? do you know how do i get around this?

  • N64Josh 3 years ago

    I've spent 6 hours trying to find this video!  Thank you posting this I've pulling my hair out trying to figure out this setup.

  • Rxmbo 3 years ago

    my soundflower doesnt work i glitched it or something can anybody help its crashes once i open it

  • Thermedge 3 years ago

    you're a fucking genius!

  • lord beardo 3 years ago

    what game do you stream to

  • Matthew 3 years ago


  • TheTrippyRich 3 years ago


  • Freddie Worth 3 years ago

    Hey, this video has been really helpful, just one thing-how do i flip the camera around to video the screen… you didn't show it in the video, it just happened, thats not whats happening for me, please reply ASAP, i need to hurry up on my youtube channel

  • Hecatomb Allen 3 years ago

    I try to select cam twist but it doesnt show up, it just shows the Icam

  • herecomestehdrop 3 years ago

    nice tardis

  • SvenskFrukostPoesi 3 years ago

    for some reason i can't hear the sound from my game!!! please help me!!!

  • Kristopher Lorenz 3 years ago


  • Sealter I League of Legends 3 years ago

    when i opened the stream in the website i couldn't see anything

  • Ramdeen TheBaller 3 years ago

    okay i need your help cuz you never explained how to get the fms url you said download it i don't understand can someone please help me out here thanks.

  • Anton Skriver 3 years ago

    how to i find my configuation profile? 

  • triofilmsify 3 years ago

    why does it have to be so hard?! D:

  • MINECRAFT VIDEOS - CompetitivePvP 3 years ago

    it saids please enter primary URL in rtmp[t] help 🙁

  • Mr. Howard 3 years ago

    I will try this. I have the elgato, but don't like the software because it doesn't allow for overlays and facecam.

    Open Broadcaster is great on Windows… wish there was an alternative on OS X

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