How to Stream to Twitch and YouTube At The Same Time | Restream Tutorial

In this video, you’ll find out how to stream to Twitch and YouTube at the same time! Never tried streaming before? We’ve got you covered — it is super easy with Restream.

Restream is a professional live streaming tool that gives you the ability to go live on your favorite social media platforms – YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, and many others. Sign up with Restream and start streaming your content today.

In this guide you will find out how to:
0:00 Sign up with Restream
0:18 Add YouTube to Restream
0:32 Add Twitch to Restream
0:50 Go live with OBS

For more information about Restream, check out this article:

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  • Rodney 9 months ago

    How do I connect my camera I have a camera on my Xbox that's connected to my Xbox will it be connected ?

  • Rovert gamehead 9 months ago

    Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stream

  • Xoudus69 9 months ago

    Can we do this on xbox

  • Xayveon Jhai 9 months ago

    I swear of this really works I’m going to scream and break my PC

  • Papyrus Gaming 9 months ago

    Does Xbox Game Bar Work with this

  • Amber Crowley 9 months ago


  • Amber Crowley 9 months ago

    Can you use restream studio instead of obs?

  • The Gamer Carlos 9 months ago

    Is there delays or higher encoding amount by doing this like noticeable ones since there will be some

  • hassan ali 9 months ago

    Can you make one video showing how to live stream from OBS to instgram & Youtube at same time . Plz

  • KING TONY TV 9 months ago

    This looks so easy I’m goin to try it

  • Qing T 9 months ago

    Does this work for console?

  • Minato Monkey 9 months ago

    how tf does this only have 5 comments

  • Phil Hawkins 9 months ago

    i still dont understand how to get game footage to stream???

  • Ashley Martin 9 months ago

    It worked

  • Alberta Long 9 months ago

    Good morning MBC family

  • DatSycoKidd Gaming 9 months ago

    omg it work due thank 😀

  • ARCY Vlogs 9 months ago

    Thank you 🙏

  • TrueHooper 9 months ago


  • ii_lovxx roblox 9 months ago

    it worked 😀

  • Cash's Everyday Vlogs 9 months ago

    Thanks so much that squid guy is sooo cute!

  • OppZFC 9 months ago

    It says I have to pun

  • Phillip Lemmon 9 months ago

    Does this work with mobile as well?
    I hope so.

  • Arthur Rodgers 9 months ago


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