HOW TO STREAM ON YOUTUBE AND TWITCH ON THE PS5 – How to Broadcast on the PS5 to Twitch and YouTube!

HOW TO STREAM ON YOUTUBE AND TWITCH ON THE PS5 – How to Broadcast on the PS5 to Twitch and YouTube!
In today’s video, I explain how you can stream and broadcast your gameplay for your live streams on your Playstation 5 to Youtube and Twitch. I also teach you all how to stream on youtube and twitch on the ps5 in 2020. This tutorial will go through the basics of broadcasting on the ps5 console with both Twitch and Youtube. I hope you all enjoy this ps5 tutorial that showcases broadcasting with the PS5. This tutorial teaches you how to stream on ps5 twitch and ps5 youtube. If you have any questions about PS5 streaming to Twitch or YouTube please let me know down below. Our goal is 1K likes!

HOW TO STREAM on Youtube and Twitch on the PS4:

Recording/Streaming tips Playlist:

0:00 Introduction to PS5 streaming
0:43 Broadcast settings to use
5:30 How to start a stream
6:20 YouTube/Twitch Setup
8:30 Test stream
11:30 Final Tips

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  • Szillar 11 months ago

    can’t wait to return in 5 years when it’s recommended to everybody lol

  • Connor HWOV 11 months ago

    I tried to stream and broadcast to twitch, when the stream was live I could access it on another device as if I was a random person..after the stream, it is nowhere to be seen on my videos. Any ideas? Thanks

  • Jordan proctor 92 11 months ago

    Having issue streaming on YouTube I brought a ps5 for a month now and all it keep saying: to start broadcasting on YouTube, verify your account by visiting YouTube. Com/verify. Verification may take up to 24hour. Iv confirmed my number everything and it still won't let me stream need help anybody please 👊🏽🙏🏽

  • Baltazar Pacheco 11 months ago

    why cant i stream on my sub account on my ps5 and how do i fix it? i changed parental controls and it still isnt working…

  • k_E_y_Z _21 11 months ago

    My thing says May take 24 hours to verify my account but it’s been 5 days

  • escow53 Who 11 months ago

    It d I do not work

  • Gamestars Online 11 months ago

    Cant we change games ? Between the stream

  • Jimmiesdummyaccount 11 months ago

    Do how do you see your past videos

  • Cod_B_007 11 months ago

    it’s coming up with verify your account (i have done it) and it says to start broadcasting on youtube,verify your account by visiting Verification may take up to 24 hrs but it’s been longer than that

  • MR FROG • 69 YEARS AGO 11 months ago

    I already putted in my phone number and it’s been more than 24 hours after I did that and I still can’t stream on my ps5 and it says it’s linked but twitch says nothing so what should I do?

  • carson densmore 11 months ago

    How do you invite people from your friends list on the ps5 to join your broadcast

  • TheCosmosGames 11 months ago

    I have an issue with linking up it says phone verified because I verified my phone but it won't let me start a stream

  • Mike Wessie 11 months ago

    hi,some reason for me when i go on youtube it says Scheduled livetsream at the same time i started it ,What can i do?

  • El POLLITO PIO 11 months ago

    Please help me, I want to start a Livestream on the main menu but when I click start broadcast it says "Broadcast is stoped." I have to enter a Game so that the broadcast continues.

  • Jay-cee Vibz 11 months ago

    It says waiting for ——- to start the stream

  • Atonic_jorden 11 months ago

    when i clicked on youtube it said i cant go live

  • Rubinz Gaming streamz RGS 11 months ago

    I’ve just started out streaming from my ps5 I’m mainly just doing it for fun while gaming, and I’m also doing live unboxing of Funko pops as I buy a lot of mystery boxes

    Anyone wanna check out my page would really be cool


  • Dj Martini 11 months ago

    Thanks man. Much appreciated, as i am starting to do this!!!

  • Fifonthesticks 11 months ago

    my YouTube account is kinked but still won't let me stream

  • Joppe 11 months ago

    hey how can I send a link to my friend from my private youtube stream from ps5 ? I can’t find my own stream on my phone or something

  • Sly doggo 11 months ago

    Thank you so much I can start streaming now!!!

  • billy jaques 11 months ago

    Whenever i try starting the stream, It’s said go to youtube website to verify but it won’t verify

  • G Markwellify 11 months ago

    What happens to your broadcast when your done? Does it automatically get uploaded to YouTube or just deleted? And also how long can you broadcast?

  • Dom Da Vlogger 11 months ago

    Hi we recently purchase PS5 and set up it perfectly but were having problem streaming in youtube even we linked it and verified it. Maybe you can help please note we don't have PS4.

  • Anthony Mendoza 11 months ago

    I heard that this streams like garbage? Anyone actually successfully stream straight out of the ps5 and it run smoothly?

  • Vishal Abrol 11 months ago

    Is there a way that child accounts can stream?

  • norma castineyra 11 months ago

    Yo i did it but it wont ket me i verified my account do i have to wait

  • Twiztedx Assassin 11 months ago

    Can you link both and just swap between the 2? Like between twitch nd youtube

  • Whisperistic 11 months ago

    Ok, you probably explained it and I didn't catch but how do I broadcast with only the viewers hearing my voice and not the the players say on COD Coldwar. I want to broadcast me playing a game of Coldwar but when I'm broadcasting and talking to viewers I don't want the players in the game to hear me.

  • Cameron 11 months ago

    Hi, I have done everything listed here, I have Gigabite internet speed, my ps5 gets 550mb download and 250mb upload, I can livestream 1080p at 60fps easily, Youtube even has the display for HD and it says 1080p 60fps but the actual game footage looks like 480p at best. Even after I finish streaming and it gets automatically posted to Youtube the video looks pixelated but Youtube says 1080p 60fps.

    When I go into the manage my videos and look at the info for the livestream ps5 videos it always says SD and not HD.

    Any idea what is causing this?

    I am using ethernet cat 8 cable connected to a fiber optics modem and I get 950mb download and 850mb upload, the ps5 Connection test says the PS5 is getting 550mb Down & 250mb Up.

  • Shane Saw 11 months ago

    @DomTheBomb I have a quick question when I stream there is no in game audio on the ps5 and I use twitch. How do I fix this?

  • StefonDiggsisabeast14 11 months ago

    Can you leave that spot where it shows you the YouTube channel and wait until tomorrow or no

  • Muhammad 11 months ago

    Guys can someone help me please when I try link my youtube it says an something went wrong I have previously linked it before but for some reason it now says not linked and when I click it it says something went wrong. Please someone help

  • Ashton Johannesson 11 months ago

    When I try to stream it says, “this feature is unavailable for your account”. Would you know why it says this. I have streamed before

  • Mihail Juravlea 11 months ago

    I had a bit of delay between me and my viewers, it's normal?

  • ShamTruly TV 11 months ago

    how do I eliminate the the game sound while im streaming on twitch ?

  • nahimgood 11 months ago

    Is it possible to stream just chatting from PS5? You could do it through the Playroom on PS4…

  • Cesar Ramirez 11 months ago

    Do you know how to turn your voice off so the people in chat can't hear you?

  • AMR 11 months ago

    Hi! Why do my broadcasts keep stopping by their self's at around the 30minute mark? Is this a bug? It's also happening to another person I know.

  • High End Computer Components Limited 11 months ago

    It keeps telling me to verify my YouTube account , but I already did

  • Red Dead Clowns 11 months ago

    It keeps saying the binding is not allowed

  • Lou Arena 11 months ago

    My ps5 kreps saying broadcastbindingnotallowed

  • George the Mand'alor 11 months ago

    Hey man, that was really helpful and informative!
    But I have encountered a weird problem while streaming to Twitch. My internet speed is good enough to stream 4K; however, the video becomes extremely pixelated on Twitch and the quality is thus lost to the pixels. Any idea what causes this? Could it be because HDR was on?

  • plus 11 months ago

    Hi YouTube said that I got verified but PlayStation five when I go to broadcast it says verify your account

  • Romaine 11 months ago

    Having issues saying I need to verify my account and when I did it it saying wait 24/7 I did that but it still giving me this info again I don’t understand???

  • Poeteller 11 months ago

    How to solve the problem that my stream quality is too low@@ I've already turn the broadcast quality to 1080p. Thank you!

  • monglr3 , 11 months ago

    Can ppl donate and sub if watching u stream from ps5

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