How To Stream on Twitch with StreamLabs OBS 2019


If there’s something i didn’t cover that you need help with, just leave a comment below and I will do my best to help you!

Instead of watching FatalStrike’s recording, you can watch live on Twitch!

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  • Fuzzy Panda 2 weeks ago

    They made all their layouts part of their prime service. It's not all that expensive though. Why don't anyone do a video about handling the stream while actually gaming? I have seen no videos on how to manage the stream while playing. Keeping up with chat, moderating while gaming, how to handle a dead room etc. One of the new features with slobs is that they have chat and notification overlay while you gaming but it's in beta, so that's nice. Not everyone has two monitors so am happy about that.

  • iBlame0bamaCare 2 weeks ago

    Has anyone used STEAMLABS OBS? What are your guys' thoughts?

  • silmearendil 2 weeks ago

    Dude! This was a great vid, thanx much! I learned a ton, I subscribed!

  • Johnnie Lambert 2 weeks ago

    Thank you bro, this video helped me out a lot, I kinda jumped into it and clicked import instead of start fresh lol.

  • Emily Murphy 2 weeks ago

    This helped me out so much! Thanks man, check out lady_fireheart_ in the next few weeks and hopefully I'll be playing like group jackbox or something 🙂

  • YuzKie 2 weeks ago

    Best tutorial ive ever watched! thanks a lot! you deserve more subs bro!

  • Gamesmaster OG 2 weeks ago

    Why the game window so small?

  • johnny4you 2 weeks ago

    awesome vid! anyone know how to change the zombie guy when someone follows? haha

  • Phlimpsy YT 2 weeks ago

    I want to punch a hole threw my wall it’s so frustrating I can find the game when I click on game capture nothing shows up

  • Ninoman 2 weeks ago

    loved the video! pretty straight forward to what we need <3

  • The Aussie Damo 2 weeks ago

    Watched til the end brah! Cheers so clear and helpful! Liked and sub'd!

  • knowledge dot net 2 weeks ago

    thank you so much

  • Ian McQuay 2 weeks ago

    It said stream key didn't work. Help

  • Beerkeg Bob 2 weeks ago

    Thanks man… this explained much more in half the time…. than the other videos i watched did

  • GavinSideways 2 weeks ago

    Seriously great video.

  • mirx 2 weeks ago

    Gonna start streaming today. very helpful tutorial.

  • JerrySantiago506 2 weeks ago

    One of the easiest and straight to the point tutorials! Great job!

  • ItzMeDyl 2 weeks ago

    How do I do the start stream screen brb screen and stream ending screen

  • Adrian Rosales 2 weeks ago

    Nice video it helped a lot

  • Hokage 2 weeks ago

    thank you

  • NightFox66 Night 2 weeks ago


  • Matthew Marrs 2 weeks ago

    This was the most helpful thing ever! I subbed and liked because your videos are GUCCI!

  • Elijah Abbott 2 weeks ago

    hope you get rich one day buddy good vid

  • Muted 2 weeks ago

    wow thanks I'm actually gonna stream now

  • Vadanti 2 weeks ago

    Man!!! you are the best!!!!!!

  • fiinngames 2 weeks ago

    Thanks so much!!!!!
    I had the problem with the stream key thank youuuu😃😃😃

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