How To Stream On Twitch With Streamlabs Obs 2019 [SETTINGS + GRAPHICS + ALERTS]

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There are quite some guides on how to stream on Twitch with Streamlabs OBS but not many of those Twitch streaming tutorial videos are from 2019 and are as detailed as I think they should be. I tried to cover as much as I could in half an hour talking about settings, graphics, custom alerts etc. I hope the delivery of the information is not too fast-phased and if you have any questions, please ask them in the description!

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  • The Video Nerd 2 years ago

    βœ… Join the awesome TVN community on Discord to engage with people who are motivated to grow their online presence:

  • Felipe Velasquez 2 years ago

    I only have standard side but not widgets. How do I get widgets on my obs

  • InfinityLLK 2 years ago

    you sound Dutch

  • thehumangerm 2 years ago

    You Should use 264 encoding if you have a strong processor that does not get bottle necked from your game. This way your game graphics get optimal FPS. also if you struggle with maintaining 30-60 depending on your game and streaming/recording quality preferences. A good example would be a high core count cpu.

  • ISpexI 2 years ago

    When ever i try to stream it says "An error occurred with the output. This is usually caused by out of date video drivers. Please ensure your Nvidia or AMD drivers are up to date and try again." I have a AMD graphics card please help

  • utfan32 2 years ago

    I cant seem to fins any follower stream labels that you have shown around 18:45

    I can find plenty of other things but I can only find members(?) but not followers….any ideas anyone? I think i have a more up to date version of streamlabs and that's why I having so many issues

  • Alexander Solano 2 years ago

    I want to thank you for for this video, it was very well thought out and able to get a beginner like myself setup quickly!!!

  • Tugofoo 2 years ago

    Tanks so mutch!

  • AdigaKnocker 2 years ago

    I keep getting " refused to connect."
    Can someone help me please?

    Edited: I fixed the issue, all is good πŸ˜€ thank you for the amazing video

  • JBwrath 2 years ago

    So lost, b.c there is no settings in the top right

  • Lucas Carranco-Moss 2 years ago

    When I select LOL in game capture is only black? :0

  • lil jim 2 years ago

    you saved my life in so manney ways

  • DigitalAlucard 2 years ago

    What if I have an AMD GPU for encoding? Can I use that instead of Software x264 and get the same result as NVENC?

  • Civicman1975 2 years ago

    my game wont show up for some reason

  • Juulia Mikkola 2 years ago

    Hi! Super helpful video for a first-timer πŸ™‚
    However Ive got one problem: when trying to capture a game, it only appears as a black box. Same goes to when Im trying to use window capture to get a website show up on stream. Any advice? :/

  • LAUGH OR CRY 2 years ago

    hello when i try to stream with a specific window the only thing i can see its black anything can you help me thanks

  • Dab cam 2 years ago

    This video is not so good coz i dont wanna see ur face i wanna see the screen so i had to pause 157 random number times and it doesnt wanna show my screen

  • Gortack 2 years ago

    At the step of adding a recent follower label, I did everything you said but there is no text and with you it is, can it be I did something wrong still?

  • aldemardesousa 2 years ago

    Hi, Thank you for the amazing tutorial. I wonder if you can help me please?! When I'm placing the 'streamlabel' following your instructions, the only thing that appear is the black vertical line, like it does on your tutorial, but yours goes further and change, mine stays the same. Please advice!

  • Ninja Corgi 2 years ago

    i have a problem why does not the text show up like Synic Forus and it just lets me edit the size of nothing.I have not put the blue backround

  • Mantas Čibiras 2 years ago

    What about streamlabs obs chat overlay. with no chat box backround! tried by few tutorials and still doesn't work. I play league of legends. Please help?!

  • BoneYay 2 years ago

    high quality video!

  • HeemoAA 2 years ago

    This guy just made my day !!! Thank you so much, I was really struggling with creating a new theme.

    you really deserve more subs!!

  • Boshko Savich TM 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for this (in depth) video. Really helps! Had to add this link:( ) It is nice soft to "A lightweight Windows program that performs a bandwidth test for Twitch." It is not mine, I just found it on internet.

  • 2dogsgaming 2 years ago

    Great Video, liked and Subbed! Thanks for the help!

  • C J 2 years ago

    Great video man! couldnt have set it up without you!

  • vortex digerex 2 years ago

    Going to try this tomorrow, hopefullt it works!!! Thank you in advanse

  • Auadly FN 2 years ago


  • izmy 2 years ago

    What does the Look-ahead do on streaming section?

  • Desiree 2 years ago

    omg the most beautiful nerd i've ever seen..

  • ツFreleehx 2 years ago

    When you said it was one of the videos of the master course i got extremly triggerd

  • Brandon Herron 2 years ago

    I got stuck on the stream label part. I can't see my label.

  • kaioslive09 2 years ago

    Phenomenal Tutorial Keep Up The Great Work

  • GamingFoxBoy 2 years ago

    I happen to find your video and it was great that I did because I was able to get everything ready for my first livesteam on twitch.

  • JimmX 2 years ago

    fantastic guide. Thank you very much!!

  • alex hestdalen 2 years ago


  • -Stov3top- 2 years ago

    Just for reference i believe the oldest nvidia cards to support nvenc were the 600 series cards.

  • ScottyLetsPlays 2 years ago

    please HELP i got a Custom Alert made but i cant add it its only letting me add a image PLEASE

  • Abdulelah 2 years ago

    how can I setup a different alert for large donations ?

  • Hellu 2 years ago

    u r handsome

    and ty for this tutorial 😳

  • SN special 2 years ago

    ben jij belgich of nederland

  • LutzPlayGames 2 years ago

    Being brand new and trying to get everything ready for my 1st stream and this was extremely helpful! Thank you!

  • Andreas dam 2 years ago

    Great video :)! Just downloaded streamlabs yesterday, havnt used it for 3 years.. but its only become Better 😁 but good video know I feel updated – You got a new sub

  • WiggyJie 2 years ago

    you explained very clear, big thanks bro. Love it. Now I got it

  • Demonic Deception 2 years ago


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