How to Stream on Twitch with OBS

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You’ve got all the hardware you need for a top-notch stream – but how do you put it all together in software and get it working?

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  • Random Adam Tv 3 years ago

    this has helped me out thank you

  • The Black Knight 3 years ago

    I need help i lost the start recording and the sources buttons

  • Mendozian 3 years ago


  • glorbguy 3 years ago

    I can't find where to find the Twitch key

  • SM!LE 3 years ago

    you mean start streaming ? or start recording?

  • TheSmilingPoop PoopMan 3 years ago

    i donthave the same STREAM tab on OBS what do i do!

  • PdawgUltimate 3 years ago

    Linus just nip slipped

  • cheesy beast 3 years ago

    LMAO shots got fired real quick when i opened this

  • YuuTheFox 3 years ago

    Thank you linus <3

  • cas henk 3 years ago

    cant find in OBS the stream key input

  • Fall 3 years ago

    why does it still show a black screen in the obs preview if i alreaady setted everything up, i choose "Capture Specific window" Selected the game I wish to stream, but it keeps showing a black screen, is it normal, or not normal?

  • Grant T 3 years ago

    my obs doesn't have "game capture" under sources when i right click it. even deleted and downloaded obs again. Stoll not there. HELP!!

  • GAZ Lamp 3 years ago

    Did he say like for like lol 😂

  • ELITE CohenYT 3 years ago

    i not have web cam

  • Maser X 3 years ago


  • Woodie Landeros 3 years ago

    Good stuff, Thank you!

  • David Heng 3 years ago

    it costs alot == and all i've got is a potato pc and mobile phone

  • Nautical_Tinkletoes 3 years ago

    what do i do if i have a black screen on obs

  • Juho Urponen 3 years ago

    Shit tutorial

  • 100 subs no video? 3 years ago

    You same as machine gun kelly

  • Stormy 3 years ago

    0:50 his voice

  • Epic Historillo 3 years ago

    Subscribe me and i follow back

  • Adrian Tymcik 3 years ago

    for me is nothing working

  • shawn sinclair 3 years ago

    not very helpful seeing as it doesntr really tell u how to get ur game to show up after u click start streaming. after doing all that its still black screen

  • SamCam 3 years ago

    your the best

  • JACKSON PARKER 3 years ago

    serious channel nice shirt

  • Paul Willis 3 years ago

    Dont know howntonget to none that stuff slow down

  • mjethier 3 years ago

    careful before Alinity copystrikes you.

  • Arty 3 years ago

    You can use OBS, but I like StreamLabs OBS more, simply because it eats less computer resources while having more performance than a simple OBS. You can download StreamLabs OBS on the official website:

    I hope you enjoy this alternative. Good luck in streaming 🙂

  • Ryan's roblox adventures 3 years ago

    Where do you drag your game from

  • Gloom Hush 3 years ago

    how do i get my game on the main obs view cant figure it out help plsss

  • The Keepers 3 years ago

    Man those earings crack me the fuck up lol .

  • Tommy Collins 3 years ago

    cant find sources tab just scene are they the same thing

  • IcyU please 3 years ago

    Thanks. Now im streaming on Twitch my name is IcyU

  • Mr. Atom 3 years ago

    How do I name my stream?

  • William Bruce 3 years ago

    Oh yeah

  • Alex Bastola 3 years ago

    I am a troll

    Read more

  • REN3GADE GAMER 3 years ago

    OMG Linus?!

  • FG team 3 years ago

    Do gt 730 is is good?

  • 12345 54321 3 years ago

    But do i need a capture card?

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