How to Stream on Twitch using Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

Hello and welcome to this tutorial. In this tutorial we will show you how to Live stream HD and high quality with Flash Media Live Encoder. We also show you how to find your FMS URL and your Stream Key on We show you some optimum settings for the best quality streaming your computer can provide.

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Adobe Media Live Encoder +

Streamlabs OBS + YouTube Live:

Streamlabs OBS + Facebook Live:

In comparison to XSplit and Wirecast, You have all the options of premium services with broadcasting, for free. We will show you how!


Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder:



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Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 live audio and video capture software is a media encoder that streams audio and video in real time to Adobe Media Server software or Flash Video Streaming Service (FVSS). This software can enable the broadcast of live events such as sporting events, webcasts, or concerts around the clock.




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  • Elciro 2 years ago

    other app like manycam?

  • Xiang Yu 2 years ago

    So much useless shit in this tutorial but it was still useful

  • SAMIULLAH NAJAR 2 years ago

    wt abt facebook live does adobe encoder does it

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  • Robo 2 years ago

    the fmle config doesnt exsist anymore

  • Robo 2 years ago

    ive had some probles with the screen streaming

  • Fire Rat's Playground 2 years ago

    at the end of you video what was that bar at the top of your background of the red panda i really like it and would love to use it can you tell me what is or where i can get it thanks

  • PigPig Memes 2 years ago

    PLZ HELP ME SOMEONE!! I start streaming and it says I'm streaming but when I end the stream, a bunch of broadcasts of the same stream pop up like long clips of the stream!

  • Hppyhppy2 2 years ago

    going to have to give your background a solid 9/10

  • FelixPaLo 2 years ago

    you have to have a capture device -.-

  • Abhishek Banerjee 2 years ago

    Hey could I publish a TV tuner card feed using  this

  • Murdock Industrial 2 years ago

    Looks like Twitch doesn't have the app for live media encoder anymore (November 2014) , any workarounds? What did you switch to if you were using LME? Thanks!

  • TwistedLensTV 2 years ago

    Good video, man. Very helpful.

  • The Video Game Attic 2 years ago

    Just to save you all some time, no longer supports flash media encoder.  Their servers do not accept it at all anymore.  Thanks to Google buying them out 🙁

  • Bernardo Taveira 2 years ago

    could you give an alternative link to download? maybe dropbox or something

  • Khaotic Playz 2 years ago

    does this not work on twitch anymore???? how do i find my fms url now????

  • Sasha Luitgard 2 years ago

    This is outdated, unfortunately, Twitch doesn't support FMLE and says "Oh you can manually configure it" but no one seems to know how and none of the normal ways work..

  • Jacob Lawler 2 years ago

    what is the dock on the top of your screen?

  • Novah Freshh 2 years ago

    Dude learn to blur out your ip, you live in california long beach, 90815. now people know where you live -.-

  • The Trickeyes2 2 years ago

    Flash media encoder is not on Dashboard longer ! 🙁

  • Tony Gawk Pro Derfer 2 years ago

    Bandwith not computer

  • Hakky22 2 years ago

    i can't find  flash media encorder 🙁

  • James Darrigo 2 years ago

    I just downloaded many cam, and when i launched it, it said "Instantly upgrade to pro" I clicked it, and I suddenly got the features. Did it somehow charge me or is it free?
    Thanks for the help!

  • victorzenman 2 years ago

    The XML file doesn't appear anymore, what can I do?

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