How to STREAM on TWITCH! *5 MIN* (2020 Tutorial) (PC)

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This is a quick but informative video on how to stream on Twitch on PC for those of you who hate the slow, 20+ minute videos. Have questions? Feel free to comment below as I would love to respond!

Learn HOW TO GROW ON TWITCH in 2020! Let me know if you like it!

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  • Scar4Playz 8 months ago

    Learn HOW TO GROW on Twitch in 2020! –

  • Moephor 8 months ago

    I feel cheated and demand 1 second of your time.. 4:59 is not 5 minutes in my book lol… Thanks bro i have been struggling with this for a little while and you helped a ton..

  • Milan Roblox 8 months ago

    Thank you so much! This really helped me!

  • Ahmad Karim 8 months ago

    what the frick is goin on with your nose

  • Wraxp 8 months ago

    the video is actually 4:59 im very upset with u lmao

  • no one 8 months ago

    I wanted to stream League of Legends since I'm playing it almost every day, so I am playing it on 30 sometimes 25 fps and I'm playing it on a laptop, is it possible to stream without lagging much? also my ping(ms) is around 100.

  • ian lagaert 8 months ago

    i wanna start the stream but it says: failed to open NVENC codec operation not premitted. please check you video drivers are up to date PLEASE HELP

  • Bennett Crozier 8 months ago

    Whenever I click the "Stream" tab in settings to paste my stream key, it doesnt look like what yours does. I dont have the option to put my stream key there.

  • Max Bak 8 months ago

    thanks dude i still have to get a mic and a better graphics card but when i get those i think i wanna do some streaming

  • brody gilbertson 8 months ago

    yo not gonna lie i subed immediately your the best

  • Juliano Hernandez 8 months ago

    my upload speed is 23.33 what bitrate should i use

  • angels hearts 8 months ago


  • Wally Vinam 8 months ago

    Cries in 6.37 Mbps

  • Lilly gaming Drawing 8 months ago

    i ahve a question, is there a reason why it wont let me get past the channel and videos part? when i click on it it just says access denied

  • Chastayne Jackson 8 months ago

    Thank you for creating this training video. You give me hope to stream one day!

  • 1_1_1MaxiM1_1 gaming 8 months ago

    Can I stream if I have the Lenovo thinkpad touch screen and tablet mode?

  • jadyn roach 8 months ago

    i want to start streaming and this video is helping me alot so thank you

  • Affluent Software 8 months ago

    Can anyone clear this up for me! So I am a twitch newbie! Why do yo need a streaming tool ie OBS to stream on twitch?! What exactly would you call twitch itself? I call it streaming software but you need an extension to stream! Doesn't make sense!

  • Affluent Software 8 months ago

    Good info bro! Where can I get your advanced video?

  • Andrew Yu 8 months ago

    thanks quick question, can u do a tutorial on setting up a web cam and have cool designs on it and everything

  • M3 cubing 8 months ago

    do you then press strart streaming?

  • jay alterEgo 8 months ago


  • N1NO PRODUCTIONS 8 months ago


  • William Goodwin 8 months ago

    Me here with 36.60 Mbps…

  • ixzy 8 months ago

    my upload speed is 41

  • linnie rice 8 months ago

    thank you so much omg

  • Redtro 8 months ago

    What if OBS doesn’t give me the streamkey option?

  • El pilón vídeo 8 months ago

    ''stream key'' does not come up , WHY

  • Nathan Jenceleski 8 months ago

    The Desktop Audio doesn't pop up for me. How do I fix that?

  • Sweaty_ Flipper 8 months ago

    thank you bro much help. i just got a new gaming setup and i will start streaming soon so thx again for this video.

  • Evan Meisberger 8 months ago

    when i plug in my headset with a mic attched to it a microphone doesnt show up

  • ChrisCrystal 8 months ago

    I got obs and im following your steps my my screen isn't showing up in obs.

  • rocus80m 8 months ago

    Fantastic tutorial and so on point! Thank you… But what if I play on a 5K Monitor and want to stream this weird resolution?

  • Tanner Garnet 8 months ago

    obs wont dowload

  • Karudo 8 months ago

    "you need 8mbits/s"
    meanwhile I'm here with 0.45mbits/s

  • Bella_ Gamez 8 months ago

    Ok, but what a life saver!😭❤️

  • YusivBTW 8 months ago

    Will that always stay there so u don’t have to keep doing the settings

  • Yair Sosa 8 months ago

    my upload thing is UPLOAD Mbps

  • Cry -.- 8 months ago

    Amazing video brother just to let you know it shows your ip adress and location on the speed test

  • Bon John 8 months ago

    i went to add siplay cpature and it didnt show anything but a grey screen?

  • Bikkear 8 months ago

    the display capture doesn't work, I can add it to sources, but it does nothing and the screen stays black

  • Ern Clan 8 months ago

    Thank you very much. Only thing that is causing me problems is that my screen is not actually being recorded. What does that mean and how can i fix it.

  • DeityPlays 8 months ago

    3:03 it doesnt show stream key

  • Preston Jordan 8 months ago

    i was very surprised when is said my upload was 118

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