How to start a squad stream on twitch

Today, we are talking about a new feature on twitch. How to set up a squad stream.

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  • John Donovan Wilson 1 year ago

    I was looking everywhere to figure this out, thanks for finally clarifying that we don't even have the option until partner!

  • ItsCrispy 1 year ago

    do you need to be an affiliate to do this

  • Ts.Vortex On ig 1 year ago

    What does partnered mean

  • Buttergolem 1 year ago

    And Mixer does this even for non-partners.

  • [B0MB] Z01tar 1 year ago

    that sucks u have to be partnered u cant even make a team either because u have to be partnered also i wish they would change these to affiliate

  • THE 50 PLUS Gamer 1 year ago

    thank.s.. This was helpfull to me as am a affiliate and was looking how to setup ….much love nice vid …

  • Ewodos 1 year ago

    Well that's fucking stupid, you have to be a partner?! This only helps the top echelon….fuck you twitch. im so done with that garbage platform.

  • LyonsScape 1 year ago

    so stupid affiliates should be able to. make streaming so much more fun

  • KT breathe 1 year ago

    …why only partnered streamers….

  • Truck Boat 1 year ago

    Anyone know when non-partnered streamers get the feature?

  • PulseLightningYT 1 year ago

    im not partnered 🙁

  • Marloniiv 1 year ago

    not fair
    Bc we want to show our stream in squad thats why i use youtube only

  • xXF0RGEXx 1 year ago

    guess I'll just keep using multitwitch

  • TheGeordieOG 1 year ago


  • Excessives1 1 year ago

    What about afiliates?

  • Kage Hasegawa 長谷川影 1 year ago

    that is some major bullshit

  • CarpinellaGames 1 year ago

    Dang me and a few friends tried this earlier and didn’t see it. Would be pretty helpful for new streamers.

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