How To Setup Up Twitch Follower Alert In Open Broadcaster Software – Tutorial #36

In today’s tutorial I’ll be showing you how to setup the Twitch follower alert. I receive a lot of comments and questions about how to do certain things. More tutorials are on its way!
– Enjoy!

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  • MarNy 1 year ago

    I have this error, Dropbox returned an error: [object Object] how to fix it? In the URL

  • LESJOFORS FK 1 year ago

    Alex thank you so much so much amazing useful tutorials i love you bro

  • pureXsounds ! 1 year ago


  • pureXsounds ! 1 year ago

    I CANT know a zack of dhis

  • pureXsounds ! 1 year ago

    hallo daar

  • LukaPlay 1 year ago

    Can I use a Gif instead of a normal pic?

  • Arnþór E. 1 year ago

    As you can see. BOOM, very simple and as you can see very simple to do now

  • It's_Original 1 year ago

    i keep getting a Dropbox returned an error: [object Object] how do i fix this?

  • sjokoladekakedeig 1 year ago

    it dont work to me… tried everything.

  • Dexter Klerx 1 year ago

    when i want to generate that URL it always says : "Dropbox returned an error: [ object Object]"
    WTF i have no idea what to do now plz help

  • Allanzzon 1 year ago

    I have 64 bit but i needed to use the 32 bit.. i works tho!

  • HyperDragon 1 year ago

    wanneer ik dat moet kopieeren op Nightdev voor hosted url zgt het dropboxreturned an error
    kijk dit : Dropbox returned an error: Error: Request has been terminated
    Possible causes: the network is offline, Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin, the page is being unloaded, etc.

  • Yannick L 1 year ago

    Systeeminformatie ;p

  • RR gaming 1 year ago

    ben je nederlander?

  • KongStreams 1 year ago


  • Ganku Dog 1 year ago

    When he said the sound was copyrighted on youtube but not twitch, what does that even mean? Copyright is copyright

  • Djambox 1 year ago

    Jagex`? you play runescape? :DF

  • imKayvan 1 year ago

    Will I hear the donation and follower sound when it comes up? It doesnt in preview.

  • FawnJam 1 year ago

    I cant find obs folder 🙁

  • one snowy boi 1 year ago

    I cant extract the CLR plugin

  • Labc0at 1 year ago

    I think that I remember there being an orbs with clr pre installed.

  • BetaFury 1 year ago

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  • R3AL_MarkManning 1 year ago

    jij bent nederlands
    lol 😀

  • Ozz 1 year ago

    i press add, but clr browser dont coming up

  • clickles 1 year ago

    I have the Problem that my Sound Starts AGAIN every 5 seconds 🙁

  • AutisticPineapple 1 year ago

    PLS Help I did everytnig in the video but the CRL browser option does not show!

  • Tony Maev 1 year ago

    i dont have ogg for the sound please give me a file for downloading ogg

  • SkovBjergTV 1 year ago

    Hey mate can you do so you can see it in the game? I mean when im playing cs:go is going to pop up in the game. So I can see who there is following me. I can see it in OBS but i cant see it in my game and I dont think that my viwers can see it…

  • sk0rpiann 1 year ago

    Gast netjes man.


  • Stogpunk 1 year ago

    Is this working as a Mac OSX user 'cause i'm pretty new with it and kind of understanding everything up

  • RustyHardware 1 year ago

    How did you get that drop shadow behind your cam?

  • Silent Logic 1 year ago

    Plugin "clrhostplugin.dll" has been developed for the 64-bit version of OBS and could not be loaded. Check if the correct version de plugins installed. and now?

  • Leaf Linoone 1 year ago

    This is outdated, the current Plugins folder is different from the one in this video.

  • Childish HitMan 1 year ago

    Helped alot thanks man

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