How To Setup Twitch Reward ALERTS! (Sounds, GIFs, Videos, and more!)

Learn how to set up alerts for Twitch channel points with this guide. This free service for Twitch channel points alerts is called TriggerFyre and was created by thefyrewire. If you’re looking for how to set up channel points alerts, this is your guide!


You can find the Triggerfyre Dashboard and StreamElements widget in the #triggerfyre-beta channel.

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00:00 Intro
00:56 Requirements
02:25 TriggerFyre Overview
03:15 TriggerFyre Setup
05:40 StreamElements Setup
07:36 OBS Setup
08:30 Alert Testing
09:45 Wrapping Up
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How To Setup Twitch Reward ALERTS! (Sounds, GIFs, Videos, and more!) by MattyGorm

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To set up Twitch channel points on your channel, go to your Twitch dashboard. Navigate to the top left menu, click Community, and click Channel Points. Click “Enable Channel Points” to enable channel points on your Twitch channel.

Customize the name of your Twitch channel points by clicking on “Customize Points Display.” Now you can rename your Twitch channel points.

To change your Twitch channel points rewards, click on “Change Rewards.” If you are wondering how to add custom Twitch channel points rewards, this where you do it.


Twitch channel points are a customizable loyalty system for Twitch Partners and Affiliates. It allows the streamer to set up custom rewards that viewers can redeem with points they’ve earned by watching the stream.


First, navigate to the TriggerFyre Discord server and access the TriggerFyre dashboard via the #triggerfyre-beta channel.

Once in the dashboard, click a tab at the top to access different alert types (Images, Videos, Sounds, OBS Triggers, Groups).

Click the plus button in the bottom right to add a new alert. Give you alert a command name and then click the dollar sign ($) icon next to the command name. Add in the EXACT name of your Twitch reward from you channel.

Then attach the appropriate media and sound to the alert from within the same window.

From the TriggerFyre Discord in the #triggerfyre-beta channel, add the StreamElements widget to StreamElements overlays.

From within the TriggerFyre Dashboard, click the cog gear in the bottom right. Copy the token it provides you.

In the StreamElements widget, open the Settings tab on the left and then open the Token tab on the left. Paste the token you copied from earlier.

Adjust the size of the widget to your liking. Copy the StreamElements overlay URL.

In OBS, add a Browser source and paste the StreamElements overlay URL.

Navigate to your Twitch channel and purchase the reward you just set up an alert for. It should now trigger properly on your stream. Congratulations, you’re done!

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  • MattyGorm 3 months ago

    How do you like this new method for adding Twitch channel points alerts? I found it MUCH easier!

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  • TeddyIsHere 3 months ago

    Update for Streamlabs Users: You dont need Streamelements anymore. Just copy the link that Triggerfyre gives you and add a "Browser Source" to your scenes in SLOBS. Worked for me.

    Very nice video!

  • FunB-TV 3 months ago

    This is cool, but how would you do multiple alerts, like an alert for diferrent rewards??

  • Curtis Hicks 3 months ago

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  • Connor Jones 3 months ago

    for some reason none of my test triggers seem to work? i had this set up but after switching to a streaming pc i can’t get this re linked again. anything helps, thanks! great video

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  • Manticatol 3 months ago

    Thank god this is a thing thanks for the video! since ya asked I plan on playing some horror games and I thought it would be cool to have an interactive stream where chat can use points to redeem in game sounds to creep me out or falsely get me to run away

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  • Shadowheart Art 3 months ago

    I'm still new to the whole twitch-streaming thing, so remembering to check my chat for channel-point redemptions when I'm doing art is really, really difficult! So I've been looking for a way to add some sound to it, to make me aware that something is going on. I don't like the Sound alert extension, since it costs bits.
    So this is exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you for doing this video. I would have probably never found this otherwise.
    Your instructions look really easy to follow, so I'm now looking forward to playing around with this.
    Thank you again!

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    I'm using channel points to allow viewers to requests games to play on stream. Is there any way to include the text of what the viewer enters into the channel point redemption into the alert itself? So it would say something like "Someone requested Turrican 2" or something. Ideally I'd also like a list of the current request queue to show up on stream. Thanks for the video!

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