How To Setup Twitch Follow Alerts – Twitch Tutorial #1

The new Twitch tutorial series released! In this video Gijs will be showing you how to setup Twitch follow alerts. Let us know what you want to see in the next tutorials in the comment section below!
– Always Ready!

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  • ZeNeZe 11 months ago

    This helped out a lot tbh! Thanks for making this video bro!!

  • Freakyfishthing 11 months ago

    is this possible on Xbox1?

  • Team Bash 11 months ago

    Hij zo twaalf

  • Janus Kiss 11 months ago

    If you stream on ps4

  • Joshua Benyon 11 months ago

    does anyone realize that he's using Steve from blues clues on twitch stream

  • Dāvis Xd 11 months ago

    The guy who followed me was rith next to me and i save he did followed and nothing showed up,what to do?

  • Dāvis Xd 11 months ago

    I did everything with my pc but i strem on ps4 and it doesnt show pikacho when i got follower ir doesnt show enything why??

  • Diamond Tomahawk Gaming 11 months ago

    What if you stream on Ps4

  • XxMDN FLAMEDxX 11 months ago

    Wait so I done that so now it’s on there for when someone follows??

  • lalo aguero 11 months ago

    i did this but when i do play my game it does not show if someone starts fowlling me

  • Twitch Wolff 11 months ago

    I’m now on twitch and I have only 9 follow plz follow me twitch_wolff

  • Chase Whit 11 months ago

    It dosent pop up on my stream

  • AuQa FiNa 11 months ago

    omfg you helped me so much im so happy thanks bro:)))))

  • Stricknyne Killz 11 months ago

    Help!!! Please. I have set up New follower, sub and last donated . When ever the name of the person change I have to go in OBS and resize it because it doesn't do it automatically . Can you suggest a fix?

  • islemgo1 11 months ago


  • Darky Dark 11 months ago

    Do you need obs?

  • Emporium Creative Destruction. 11 months ago

    Volgens mij bende nederlands 😀

  • Sean 11 months ago

    Is there anyway I can get a follower alert WITHOUT using OBS?

  • Beardy Dragon 11 months ago

    What’s obs rlly new to this and I’m ps4 is obs important on PS4

  • Maher Alsayid 11 months ago

    how can i get an alert if someone follow me on twitch but to my own screen where im working , that if i dont have other device to watch myself?
    i will only receive a notification on the stream where every one can see , but i cant see it on the area where im working .
    any solution? thanks

  • Andrew Bagnall 11 months ago

    Ok cool so say if I stream on twitch on Xbox one and I get a follow or something it’ll pop up on my obs ???

  • Refizmm 11 months ago

    why do people insist on putting music in with a tutorial video?

  • TylerCrazyWolf 11 months ago

    I use elgato software so…….. idk how to do this in my case

  • Abu Sufian 11 months ago

    want more videos.

  • E7ajamy 11 months ago

    it's actually good tutorial or method for live streams , good work Endling , hope you and justalexhalford , and casualsavage gets more subscribers , um , i want tutorial of when you use chrome key on green screen the color of the video or the character change to dark blue , how i should fix this?

  • RonoMorph 11 months ago

    Gijs!!! Lekker Nederlands!!!!!!!!!! Nice video!

  • Hamza Selimovic 11 months ago

    CENSOR FAIL 5:90

  • aditya oza 11 months ago

    please do on YouTube subscription also

  • Blood shot 11 months ago

    very good

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