How To Setup Twitch Donation Alerts – Twitch Tutorial #3

The new Twitch tutorial series released! In this video Gijs will be showing you how to setup Twitch donation alerts. Let us know what you want to see in the next tutorials in the comment section below!
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  • andyfibb 1 year ago

    i dont se any of these settings they change the site smh like text to speech dont see anywhere

  • Zack Moritz 1 year ago

    But how does the streamer get notified?

  • NE0NS1DEAS 1 year ago

    yes, the video starts 0:00. Thank me later

  • CareyEve36 1 year ago

    can you do another one for 2018? I can't find the alert box anymore… nm, found it, lol

  • Gingerbreadhead 1 year ago

    Thanks for the tutorial! It helped a lot

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  • Thomazzimo 1 year ago

    woow, ik wist niet dat je nedelands was!!

  • Hero 1 year ago

    plZ icĺone 7 tutoriàls

  • zed 1 year ago

    Nice video keep up your work

  • FavourHD 1 year ago

    Guys please say a q&a question on my video

  • NBPlayz 1 year ago

    On god I will sub back if you sub to me just reply when done

  • StealthPlayz 1 year ago

    Early wow

  • t.e.oneill 1 year ago


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