How to SETUP StreamLabs OBS for Twitch/ Youtube
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A quick tutorial to show you how easy it is to set up streaming with StreamLabs OBS using custom overlays. Watch me live on Twitch!



  • Kaizerdidrik YT 3 years ago

    why is my cpu usage 20% smh help

  • random human 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot

  • Adi Jutt OFFICIAL 3 years ago

    dude how can i connect my DSLR !! it's not showing in it

  • Parkour Panda 3 years ago

    Every time I use a theme, my webcam does not pop up where it is supposed to be. But when I use a blank scene, it works fine. HELP

  • RichFloGT 3 years ago

    how cna i setup streamlabs i want to stream on cube tv or nimo tv but it doest have a choice there

  • TheTitanBeast 3 years ago

    How can I add a custom thumbnail before I go live? Or do I have to do it after I go live?

  • Volken Alexandru Cel Mare 3 years ago

    thank you bro ,realy usefull ! much apreciated , respect

  • Umbra Watcher 3 years ago

    WOW, Streamlabs Sucks

  • Ryan Mosedale 3 years ago

    Can you add your PS4 stream into stream labs, if so how?

  • bad boy69 yt 3 years ago

    how do you put the key in obs

  • Lunar Xo 3 years ago

    i did everything as told and still my offline screen wont display on my channel 🙁

  • DoggyOOF 3 years ago

    how did u activate tip link

  • Ce Ce 3 years ago

    my acct. doesn't look like that and i wonder y??

  • SpX Crafty 3 years ago

    can you do this of xbox/ps4 ( Just from the App )

  • emily bently 3 years ago

    stream labels ?

  • Parzival Gaming 3 years ago

    How do I start a stream with this linked to my PS4?

  • SlainStream 3 years ago

    did you just say that you never seen ''Advanced'' until now? and you are making a video to show us how to set it up?…..then ''high or normal…or I don't know'' ! lol

  • THE PSYCHO STALKER 3 years ago

    you idiot well show how to stream the game live

  • Cyrexx84 3 years ago

    Thanks for the tips Robbze and this tutorial. I had problems getting my game showing when applying StreamLabs themes because it only showed black screen. So the way how I actually solved was that I had to use Screen capture instead of Game capture, because I bought my game through Steam and it used own Screen. I tested also Bebo and Bebo actually supported playing that game in full screen. Maybe Streamlabs support as well but I didn't found out the way.

  • lvl. 35 boss 3 years ago

    this does not help me because i stream fortnite on ps4

  • lvl. 35 boss 3 years ago

    i could barely hear him

  • YsuNinja GT 3 years ago

    thank you

  • ZIRFUL 3 years ago

    I keep getting blacked when in tyr to stream or record can anyone help me out it happens when I play fortnite

  • fr0st 3 years ago

    i feel like im the only one who cant change the default "YOUR NAME" form the overlay. Anyone help?

  • ninja blood 3 years ago

    How do I get my screen bigger

  • Raffael 3 years ago

    How i use my own overlays on the same Youtube/twitch together becus im streaming youtube and twitch same time but i can only use twitch overlays?

  • ninja blood 3 years ago

    how do i get my screen bigger

  • Yogkhast X Vlogg'z 3 years ago

    in CSGO how to fullscreen the 4:3 stretched???

  • epicly Gamer 3 years ago


  • David Neraas 3 years ago

    On the servers options list nothing is showing up what am i doing wrong.?

  • Gaming Tales 3 years ago

    How will i add my game to the stream ?

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