How to Setup OBS for Twitch TV Tutorial (OBS Setup)

How to Setup OBS for Twitch TV Tutorial (OBS Setup)

This twitch tutorial teaches viewers where to download OBS, setup OBS, and connect your twitch account in the settings.

This twitch tutorial is part of a larger “How to Be a Streamer” series. The twitch series is a walkthrough for those wanting to learn how to be a streamer. In order to be a streamer for Twitch you need to download OBS, XCHAT, Bots, learn to use overlays, and explore advance topics like green screens, cameras, and twitch mods.

This twitch tutorial introduces and discusses each one. It gives an overview of the things you need to get started on Twitch. This is an introduction video that explains what you need to start streaming on Twitch.

This series covers how to create an overlay for twitch feeds, how to use moobot and nightbot, how to do giveaways, how to save twitch files locally, and how to setup OBS? Check out the other videos in the series for more detailed instructions. Subscribe, follow, thumbs up, and comment! Check out our other tutorials.

How to Stream on Twitch TV Tutorials

How to Stream on Twitch TV:
Setting Up OBS:
How to Create Overlays:
How to Setup Chat:
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How to Setup Moobot:
ADVANCED Tutorial: How to Setup a Camera for Twitch in OBS (1/4)
ADVANCED Tutorial: Setting Up Images & Overlays (2/4)–UxEs
ADVANCED Tutorial: Setting Up Green Screens (3/4)
ADVANCED Tutorial: Putting It Together (4/4)

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Overlay Tutorial:
Setup OBS:
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  • 2openhere 5 years ago

    Still watching your vids bro….thx

  • Chad Goodrich 5 years ago

    WOW! Within 10 minutes I literally had this program working with your help! Thank you!!

  • Arecee 5 years ago

    Thanks to your help i now can create a nice little gimmick where my online character expresses emotions that i feel because i don't want to use a facecam.

  • Colton Cutler 5 years ago

    obs has changed since then and your new videos are in better quality could you redo this video by chance? or make an updated version.

  • Superawesomegametime 5 years ago

    again this helped a lot, thanks for the video

  • maklokiper 5 years ago

    Thanks for this. but is it possible if you can reupload all of the playlist to 1080p? 480p is so blurry

  • SubjectO 5 years ago

    Thanks man this video truly helped me figure out a few new things and things i needed to fix keep it up

  • Jon Geiger 5 years ago

    On a scale of 1-10, how necessary is a second monitor for streaming on Twitch?

  • nichola amy 5 years ago

    im having so many problems.

  • Jack Conti 5 years ago

    Best tutorial video for twitch thanks man

  • 1 K1ngkr0nik 5 years ago

    your too quiet  bro

  • YABOYLB 5 years ago

    thanks bro I am starting my twitch account and need some help you did that for me bro

  • Lazy_Lola 5 years ago

    really clear tutorial, thanks a lot

  • Dalton Renouf 5 years ago

    You are helping so much. I wish you could just come set it up cuz I get frustrated even knowing how to do it. 

  • Kris garcia 5 years ago

    Under broadcasting mine is only coming up as twitch, and doesn't have the part. any ideas?

  • AussieGirl Emi 5 years ago

    What do you think is better…Moobot or Nightbot?

  • Bmofty Gamies 5 years ago

    Could I use a elgato to stream if I'm using a console and my PC?

  • Zhang Shumei 5 years ago

    omg. I'm so confuse with the overlays. I feel so stupid. =/

  • Charles Whiteaker 5 years ago

    How can overlays, camera, etc work for console streaming?

  • Gaurav G 5 years ago

    Hey, any chance i can run obs on my macbook pro running osx 10.6.8?

  • RakoonDude4 5 years ago

    It says my account is to young and I need to go to settings and setup and allow logged on accounts to stream

  • RakoonDude4 5 years ago

    I want to thank yu very much because this is happening to me


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