How to Setup and LiveStream with OBS To Twitch.TV In HD For Free (Tutorial)

Just a Quick Tutorial Showing You How To LiveStream PC Gameplay To Twitch.TV Using OBS For Free in HD.

I will show you How to Set up OBS to Stream To Twitch.TV. If this Tutorial Helped leave a Like on The Video.

OBS is a Free To Download streaming Software which will allow you to live stream game-play to Twitch.TV in HD.

How To Record PC Games For free –


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  • Evil Sin Reaper 2 years ago

    I have a question once i go live on twitch with my xbox and i start broadcast on obs how do i get obs to show my gameplay while i am live and not my laptop dashboard so then i can go to twitch to see my chat?

  • Silver Chief Gaming 2 years ago

    Stream key or specified channel not accesible

  • Thomas Bailey 2 years ago

    that accent man, another tutorial is ahnuhva t'toryel lol

  • Mukita12 2 years ago

    but how i setting for example kenshingaming123 has followed you on screen

  • Arnita A 2 years ago

    Um can you please make a video how to use music?

  • Musikang Pinoy 2 years ago

    nice bro u elarn me i sub u and like pls sub back

  • Janna Jdjdkf 2 years ago

    how come every single twitch guide never tells you how to use facecam, bots, subscriber/follower count, ect

  • Lexy Ceballos 2 years ago

    This guy sounds just like John Snow. Also great video. Thanks 🙂

  • 2 years ago

    this helped thx man

  • Strupie 2 years ago

    Siser program link

  • Gveeday X Bogusas 2 years ago

    Thank you for the tutorial this helped me a lot 😀 Much Love

  • ILKNUM 2 years ago

    I'm trying to stream ARK: Survival Evolved, while I'm streaming, the only thing the viewers can see is a black screen, the scene I'm using is linked with the game, what to do? MrPenguinGames

  • Doblelicious 2 years ago

    thank you so much

  • Erik Klade 2 years ago

    so, for some reason my resolution is very horrible, and i hear myself repeat a tons of times when i stream, whats going on?

  • Callum Schroeder 2 years ago

    When i go into the game i cant see my face cam or my chat why?

  • OVEV Memes 2 years ago


  • OVEV Memes 2 years ago

    how to change aspect ratio to 16:9? my is only 5:4

  • Curtis Merritt 2 years ago

    yeah but how do I start streaming? like do i just click starting streaming and i will automatically start streaming to twitch?

  • little sister Games 2 years ago

    Thanks that helped loads!

  • TheMemoriesOf 2 years ago

    awesome video m8

  • PoisonousYouth 2 years ago

    if you don't know upload speed just look up upload speed

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