How to set up your Twitch account for Elgato Stream Deck

Control your Twitch chat by toggling sub mode, set variable times for slow mode and send pre-written messages including links and emotes. Setup is quick and easy, check out the video to see how!

Learn more about Stream Deck here:

▼ Stream Deck Highlights:

– 15 LCD keys: tap to switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio and more
– Fully customizable: personalize keys with custom icons or choose from hundreds
– Instant engagement: communicate at the perfect moment
– Direct integration: control Game Capture, OBS, TipeeeStream, Twitch and more
– Easy setup: simply drag and drop actions onto keys in the app
– RRP: $149.95 | €149.95 | £139.95

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  • Hastur Shoggoth 2 years ago

    Text messages have stopped reaching my chat log. 0/10

  • MusicMonster 2 years ago

    Hello Jeff Stegner product marketing manager.

  • I'm ConHulio 2 years ago

    I love your Stream Deck 😉 THX for it :)) RIP&TEAR

  • col10smash 2 years ago

    streamlabs account does not link into the Stream Deck PC application, when i click to log in it just opens my streamlabs dashboard in a small window and does not show up in the select an account box, any idea? thanks

  • gsoliz25 2 years ago

    mine will not add my account. ive done it over and over. so frustrating. it wont l et me add any account at all.

  • CRAZY GREG FILMS 2 years ago

    Are you guys ever gonna make it possible for streamers to put the stream chat directly into the stream video, and I don't mean popouts, I mean allowing us to have our own custom stream chat that links with the YouTube/Mixer/Twitch chat boxes?

  • Retro Pixel Boy 2 years ago

    I have linked my Twitch account and selected it on the twitch chat drop down but when i press the button it comes up with an exclamation mark. HELP!?

  • Nexos 2 years ago

    Hello there, contacting support might take some time. I have problem with twitch integration, everything is linked and ready to go but "viewer" and "run ad" options do not work. I've selected correct profiles but it just shows a yellow ! sign when i press it. Restarting is not working :<

  • Suro_Vapes 2 years ago

    Why can i not connect my twitch Account to my Stream Deck?
    When i enter my Accountname and password nothing happens!!anyone got a idea?

  • Benny McJannett 2 years ago

    why do I have to login to twitch every time I open the stream deck software? I click the remember computer for 30 days but within an hour I have to login again! incredibly frustrating

  • Josh Peterson 2 years ago

    It seems the Stream Title / Game button doesn't work. I have my twitch account linked, it's selected in the dropdown box, and all the fields are filled out correctly, but when I press the button nothing happens. Couldn't find anything about that issue on your website.

  • Jumpsen 2 years ago

    Elgato Gaming Elgato Stream Deck great name and product!

  • Emilio Arocho 2 years ago

    1 hour to start the video

  • MRInuzaki 2 years ago

    would love to see a video like this on using it with obs

  • BANTERBOYK YT 2 years ago

    hey can you make me an intro and outro

  • dragongamer2113 2 years ago

    149$ 😔

  • Poxz 2 years ago

    E L G A T O I S S I C K N I G G A S 🔥

  • Zekeyg 2 years ago

    hi first

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