How To Reduce Twitch Streaming Delay In Open Broadcaster Software – Tutorial #28

In today’s tutorial I’ll be showing you how to reduce Twitch delay in Open Broadcaster Software. I receive a lot of comments and questions about how to do certain things. More tutorials are on its way!
– Enjoy!

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  • Caleb Highgate 1 year ago

    he didn't even go over 1 thing for reducing stream delay…

  • OneRandomOsuPlayer 1 year ago

    damn 10mbps download speed 22ms ping and 19.34upload

  • NightZ Plays 1 year ago

    wtf was the intro
    not needed

  • Draimen 1 year ago

    you you get 10 ping 300 mbps download and 50 mbps upload

  • Zapz_Tv 1 year ago

    Like like like like like like lol anyone else notice how many times he said “like”

  • tomfury 1 year ago

    is 5.08 a good upload speed

  • Jod3n 1 year ago

    what about for streamlabs? i don't use obs

  • Embryo Studies 1 year ago


  • Chapex 1 year ago

    i have 94 upload

  • Dr-Words 1 year ago

    my upload speed was 41.43

  • Rohan 1 year ago

    then how come ninja has NO stream delay

  • RandomThough 1 year ago

    For anyone who wants to do "this" in 2018 or anything, open the "Tools" menu at the top of OBS Studio and click "Auto-Configuration Wizard". If you're wondering why, if you go to the actual estimator site, it was taken down by the creators of OBS.

  • RandomThough 1 year ago

    LOL his upload was 5.54? mine was 8.47

  • jparkerwillis 1 year ago

    they dinna have the estimator anymore

  • xd TVOK 1 year ago

    My uplaod speed is 21,00

  • Spyce 1 year ago

    Estimator for Obs Studio:

  • Marc Trevino 1 year ago

    My upload speed is 860 currently. I have the 1G speed from At&t.

  • 『Banaani Over Heaven』 1 year ago

    myh upload is 7mbps but download is like 2mbps, lmao.

  • GaMex StAr 1 year ago

    My download is 60 and upload 4

  • Magnus Svendsen 1 year ago

    Download 91Mbps Upload 94Mbps

  • _ xAndrei 1 year ago


  • minivuvu 1 year ago

    So I'll see you guys tomorrow.

  • Shmud 1 year ago

    oml i wanna die, i live in a tini tiny shit town in northern norway, and the internet is SHIIIIIT. i get like 40 min delays, and my download speed is only 1.57 mbps. i have a very beefy pc, but the internet just ruins it all!

  • Whitetiger 1 year ago

    Good video Alex! Keep up the good work!

  • Sammyboyo 1 year ago

    lol i have 970 download speed and 950 upload in mbps

  • Hidden Nomad 1 year ago

    This video is outdated.

  • Madis 1 year ago

    My upload is 18.57 mbps

  • Elite RiOT 1 year ago

    page not found

  • Alexxdro 1 year ago

    Is there anyway I can get like 10 second stream delay?

  • Not FBI 1 year ago

    i feel for you brits and americans :/ cant be easy having suck bad internet.

    i have 102mb/sec up and 102mb/sec down fiber. sweden op country confirmed?

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