HOW TO PLAY TWITCH LIKE A PRO IN 15 MINUTES – Twitch Jungle Commentary Guide – League of Legends

How to Play Twitch Jungle like a pro in 15 minutes. I’m a Masters Jungler I main Twitch/Warwick Jungle, in this video I’ll show you how I play Twitch Jungle properly, thus allowing you to 1v9. LEGIT INFO PACKED!
►𝐃𝐨𝐩𝐞 𝐂𝐥𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠: (𝐒𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝟏𝟎%: 𝐊𝐒𝟏𝟎)




  • KingStix 1 year ago

    I hope it helps 😀

  • Exo Spellbreak 1 year ago

    Amazing video! I love it!

  • Stunnzu 1 year ago

    this has to be silver or less elo

  • Desert Fox 1 year ago

    I'm main Twitch as ADC so thanks for your guide. You teach me how to use him to jungle <3

  • cobbey fayvcay 1 year ago

    This is highly conditional.

  • eXalted_lenny ' 1 year ago

    nice vid Buddy 🙂

  • Itachi Uchiha 1 year ago

    200 Map scale 🤣

  • Here`s Johnny 1 year ago

    is there any situation in wich you build blade of the ruined king second?

  • Spencer Doyle 1 year ago

    Hey, Ive been looking for a good champ to play to climb out of lower elo faster and I want to play twitch jg, my only concern is with the smite nerfs coming in 9.2. Do you think this will hurt twitch as it is also a nerf to his lvl 2 gank cheese potential.

  • Yani Verwerft 1 year ago

    lovely video. are the items still the way to go? ive seen warrior enchantment a lot more often. also people going storm razor. thanks!

  • Anbu Kimu 1 year ago

    nice guide

  • Adrian Skalski 1 year ago

    Lovely video

  • Proxzsyyy 1 year ago

    Thanks for the guide!

  • Andy 1 year ago

    I just started Twitch jungle and this is the best guide I've ever seen by FAR. The way you explain things makes every beginner understand. Thank you.

  • Twisty_ 1 year ago

    adc twitch is weak ? Are u on drugs ? almost everyone plays twitch adc

  • deadbully 1 year ago

    6:15 I've learned as a main jungler for now 4 years that if you press TAB during a buff camp is up on the mini map there is no timer which means its in one of those bushes! I see so many lower elos jungler run to the camp '' ohh its not there '' and run back out without even checking the bush

    Awesome video man! Looking forward to climber better than plat 1 79 lp this season!

  • FQ PI 1 year ago

    7 win streak carry 9 people

  • unixux 1 year ago

    Why not stormrazor ?

  • lostaerie 1 year ago

    i like botrk then runnans

  • Goldberg Sam 1 year ago

    How do you get that perfect CS with Twitch jungle when you go around gank alot?

  • Xxx Yyy 1 year ago

    Twitch and irelia always stay out of my games for a reason (or more than one actually) 🙂

  • Christian Kim 1 year ago

    wait so what does guardian angel do?

  • Ngawang Tenzin 1 year ago

    what runes

  • xUkishax 1 year ago

    Thanks bro you help me so much i love you ❤️

  • rockydonet 1 year ago

    cool play!

  • cakelover123 1 year ago

    7:36 Thats some pro twitch gameplay wow nice

  • Ben Lokis 1 year ago

    subscribed after this one, nicely done, very informative

  • СРПСКИ ВИТЕЗ 1 year ago

    0:18 don't bullshit bro, I am dominating with rat adc in wooden!

  • Carlos Alberto Garbi Jr 1 year ago

    dude, you are a monster

  • deltoid4 1 year ago

    What happened to my favourite adc? I had 80% win ratio with twitch. Over 60 games. Then he got nerfed just before lethal tempo rune. I had some time away from the game (3 months) now he has no place in adc 🙁 bad times. Luckily jhin and MF are my other 2 adcs, but awwww twitch is my main. And I'm completely beginner to jungle 🙁

  • Football Manager 2018 Plays 1 year ago

    Very good video!!!

  • BlamingHoLiC 1 year ago

    You actually dodged Zed's double shuriken with that fatfinger flash

  • Jed Rog 1 year ago

    Worth video thumbs up

  • Czyrus Zamora 1 year ago

    I repeat this 2 times so clear teaching..ty man

  • Czyrus Zamora 1 year ago

    The problem is in low elo adr is gonna leash you only supp and your going to get low healt in twitch

  • Fairy Tail Clan 1 year ago

    bullshit, I climbed from Silver 3 to Bronze 4

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