How to Play Twitch Jungle & Carry For BEGINNERS – Twitch LoL Season 10 Guide | League of Legends

Twitch Jungle guide for BEGINNERS Season 10 League of Legends
Runes, Items, tips and tricks, jungle pathing and more included!
How to play Twitch Jungle in Season 10 Guide
Twitch Jungle Commentary Guide
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  • John Salonga 3 weeks ago

    I used to use twitch jungle back when his q was op

  • BURBON 3 weeks ago

    So I'm Rat IRL now?

  • SHET HD 3 weeks ago

    just watch RATIRL and not this shit

  • Jhin, Mind of the Virtuoso 3 weeks ago

    Wait is adc jungle a thing
    Both teams has adc jungle

  • Jack Eichenberger 3 weeks ago

    heavy team, sick win man!

  • Jens Heika Simonsen 3 weeks ago

    Is Twitch Jungle actually better than Ezeral jungle, or at least easier to execute? Kindred is the best Marksman jungler (not counting Graves), but who's second best?

  • FAN NBA 3 weeks ago

    thanks bro apreciate it

  • Daniel Jiménez 3 weeks ago

    Mad respect for your wife bro.. Shes a legit troll.

  • TossMyToast 3 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who didn't know the red and blue buff had a patience bar…

  • rhyan valk 3 weeks ago


  • qinto 3 weeks ago

    I mostly take bf sword first as twitch jg btw is that fine?

  • Michael Jung 3 weeks ago

    How did he have red smite with bloodrazer? Sorry new player

  • CN Lucky 3 weeks ago

    i like how everything works for him and if i go twitch jg all my lanes feed.

  • Cevu 3 weeks ago

    Hey is Twitch jg still good in patch 10.8?

  • Ku Lulu 3 weeks ago

    At the point he said gold and experiance my brain shut down and played Giorno's theme

  • Callum Chisholm 3 weeks ago

    loved the pause breakdowns man that was really helpful

  • حسن سیاحی 3 weeks ago

    thanx for video. but i didn't get out why u left the krugs after killing the big one?!

  • Peter Black 3 weeks ago

    Kills mid lane 3 minutes into the game.
    "I had no early kill gold"

  • Charlie Sprake 3 weeks ago

    budget rat irl

  • Daggers 3 weeks ago

    Plays twitch, veigar steals my red buff, goes 6/9 but still wins The game

  • Iton Sohigh 3 weeks ago

    Kingstix bro, I remember watching u back in 2018 when I was playing Twitch ,u further inspired me to play this champ.. but cmon he's not viable dude. I remember climbing, being 3 levels ahead of others with 1 additional item, but still they are able to 1v1 you.

    It's just funny, and the updates/nerfs really hit Twitch hard.

    I.E. nerf + Warrior.

    yes. warrior.

    You prolly gonna say that bloodrazor is the better choice, but how many times does the enemy escape because your 'E' did not deal enough damage ?

    Not to mention being oom and your 'true damage' passive doing less damage than the health regen.

    It's too funny that the first invisible champ is not even invisible anymore.

    that -20 AD nerf really hit hard and you have to MICRO like a motherfucker to even consider doing any camps early XDD

    this game is busted.

  • Adrian Diaz 3 weeks ago

    I play Dota, why am I here. I needed a break I guess.

  • Oldison Kuci 3 weeks ago

    Why do u have smite when u dont use it?

  • Amr Negm 3 weeks ago


  • karim ghrawi 3 weeks ago

    What is your division and ur win rate in twitch man ?

  • pacoe1000 3 weeks ago

    5:04 wtf

  • Ben4Pres 3 weeks ago

    If you are here because you are interested in playing twitch, dont do it. You will tilt off the face of the earth because the champion is just so bad. Pick a different main

  • Keo 3 weeks ago

    What's that moaning sound?

  • D.T. Gray 3 weeks ago

    Awesome game!

  • Trinity Spike 3 weeks ago

    No hurricane lmfao xD

  • Long Phan 3 weeks ago

    she is very talented

  • Damboudor Suckla 3 weeks ago

    Vamo Grêmio, FIU FIU

  • martseb 3 weeks ago

    really really interesting tuto thx dude

  • Héctor Álvarez Fernández 3 weeks ago

    I have several questions, gotta check more stuff before I fully understand the mindset. Like why don't you pick a dancer instead of guardian angel since the shield can also give you some beef and synergized well with botrk + bloodrazor. Also why bloodrazor vs a team comp without tanky enemies…

    Something escapes me, probably because I'm very bad.

  • Гоха Захаренко 3 weeks ago

    nice vid.
    But what about conq twitch? like jg item and then runaans? or its for more skilled players?

  • Skittle 3 weeks ago

    I mean no offence but to any player above silver 3, don’t use this guide for twitch jungle :/ it might work for players that are already good at the game but this is reeeaaally not a good guide for twitch jungle, I’ve one tricked it for a long time peak grand master, and would never in any circumstance take PTA over Conq or Lethal tempo, and against a squishy team like that you NEVER rush Bork after jungle item, especially if you’re already snowballing. You take runaans second to speed up farming and put more power into your ganks especially bot lane if enemy Jung comes usually a free triple if you play it well, mobility boots also situational if your start was not too good and you don’t have enough to buy recurve after skirmish, you can run mobis to speed clear some Jung camps and try to get a lot of pressure ganks out on every lane attempting to force a snowball or make the enemy Jung panic into a “I need to gank more” mode tbh I don’t even think going Bork is really worth at the moment unless enemy team has something like a fed nasus/urgot/mundo/illaoi

  • Andy Andy 3 weeks ago


  • Amerouali Ilyes 3 weeks ago

    What is the title of the outro music, it's so dope

  • SkotwnwZompıa MeTonRıck 3 weeks ago

    05:12 i got an erection

  • tschese 3 weeks ago

    I tried this, and after 3 tries I conclude that this shit doesnt work.

  • Danilo Novaković 3 weeks ago

    Just a question btw, wouldn't it be better to get lifesteal rune and rush dmg / crit instead of botrk since none of them have health?

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