How To Make Twitch Panels With Gimp

A basic guide on how to make simple but great looking twitch panels with Gimp!

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  • Adversity Diversity 1 year ago

    Thanks for the help!

  • Pepqr 1 year ago

    16 thousand views and nobody subbed feels bad

  • Just Chris 1 year ago

    kinda weird how this guy sounds like Justin Long. Live free, Die hard? good tutorial !

  • pfannkuchenbw90 1 year ago

    Can i use your Font for Twitch for free ?

  • Dager245 1 year ago

    thanks man, 2018 and yours still helping folks

  • Lewd Gaming ENT 1 year ago

    Thank you sooooo much. Your video was so easy to follow!

  • Skibbehify 1 year ago

    the most helpful video!!!

  • Cade Piscia 1 year ago

    How do u get the font into Gimp?

  • Saphy_Gaming 1 year ago

    Really thx dude . I have it and greetings from germany 🙂

  • Jamies Division 1 year ago

    thanks for the video man, easy to follow. really helped me a lot!

  • Bonlicious1 1 year ago

    urm how come i get a black button.

  • Bonlicious1 1 year ago

    why i cant fill that new layer


    how do you add freedom to the text tool

  • Bruzzi 1 year ago

    Excellent video, the only problem that I ran into was the gradient didn't work the same as it did for you. It only shaded the text that I typed, not the actual background. I gotta play a round with it and find out how to do that.

  • Relikboy 1 year ago

    Unliking this because you have not showed us how to go back and actually edit it to create new words.

  • ResultsMayVaryy 1 year ago

    Nice video hehe xd

  • YousTrulyS Blahh 1 year ago

    How do you go back and edit the font and stuff? It won't let me

  • Aaron W 1 year ago

    great vid, thank you!

  • ThatGaming Guy 1 year ago

    thank you!!!!

  • UndeadDevin 1 year ago

    I have had multiple people ask me to make the twitch panels for them, so I am sorry to say that i can't help everybody, but to be fair, I made this video to help everybody be able to do it themselves, not to just have me do it 🙂 Thanks for understanding!

  • Never Falter 1 year ago

    Great tutorial!

  • RandomPLayA 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for being better than most who did these types of tutorials

  • catastroV 1 year ago

    Great tutorial, thanks! I made my cheap ones using paint and free pictures, but it's time for me to make new ones so I'm going to download GIMP and follow these steps!

  • BellandoMara 1 year ago

    Really nice and clear tutorial thumbs up <3

  • ProDminer 1 year ago

    Hey this was published on my B day lol And amazing tutorial thank you for it.

  • ZeroFarming 1 year ago

    This video deserves more views :3 it was a great tutorial!

  • Mr.6 1 year ago

    awesome thanks

  • Jiggly Blunt 1 year ago

    Nice video, Thank you!

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