How to Make a Twitch Banner + Free Custom Templates

With free custom Twitch templates that you can easily repurpose, I’ve created a full tutorial on how to make a Twitch banner in less than 5 minutes using Snappa!

In this Twitch tutorial, I show you how to customize your Twitch cover photo by editing text, uploading a channel logo, changing the background image, and downloading your banner with the proper Twitch dimensions.

Create a Twitch Banner for Free:
Free Twitch Cover Photo Templates:

If you’re looking for more details about Twitch banner sizing and Twitch cover photo examples, check out the in-depth article we created that outlines everything you need to know!

The Full Twitch Banner Guide with Examples:

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  • MiniMasterGG Vods 4 months ago

    Thank you so much

  • Mr MiddleFing3r 4 months ago

    Straight to the point & FREE… I LOVE IT

  • The MangaRaptR 4 months ago

    Yo! This is SO COOL! Thanks so much guys and gals of Snappa! (believe it or not this isn't fake lol)

  • Real ThaMaskRapper 4 months ago

    How come you can upload your own logos and omit mean text and why didn't you show how Paige made hers on Twitch

  • Runnyhotchocola 4 months ago

    great vid thx

  • twitch SSG beast 4 months ago


  • BreezyStayBoppin 4 months ago

    Thank you so much!

  • Ezeali Gracemaneee 4 months ago

    I love this

  • MilkyAI_TV 4 months ago

    I love the sound of his mouse clicking.

  • Thegamingpug2 4 months ago

    How do u save it as a file then put it on my twitch

  • Joshy74 4 months ago

    Such a amazing video I wish I found this video at the start

  • RedWolf42 4 months ago

    when i upload to twitch the size is way off ive tried multiple different ways of downloading the image ive checked my channel on mobile looks fine but not on pc idk what to do

  • Kunlaa 4 months ago

    how you you change a tqitter logo to a insta logo

  • MaxAtTheMax 4 months ago

    Good video, but the correct Twitch banner size is 1200 x 480, not 1920.

  • PhoenixLetsPlay 4 months ago

    Thank you so mutch, its amazing. Good Job with the Video and the Webside

  • Yauniii 4 months ago

    you helped me so i liked and subbed simple

  • MrY3LO 4 months ago

    i just wanted to say that the website is amazing. however i have one issue, i legit had to repeat my graphic 3 times because the server crashed on me and i forgot to save. So make sure u save

  • C4RV 4 months ago

    Thank you for introducing this to me :> except that i can only download 2 banners per month ;-;

  • Sany 4 months ago


  • Yassien Ahmed 4 months ago

    You made the corona

  • Garicc_ 4 months ago

    Thank you, the website is amazing, was really convinient!

  • Jacob Watters 4 months ago

    my logo shows up with a white background. i made it in photoshop. how do i make it only my logo?

  • Skyrem 4 months ago

    Urkk doude use photoshop

  • KBird Sims 4 months ago

    Very easy but wasn't the right size when I tried uploading to twitch ….

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