How To – Make a Twitch Account (Beginner Tutorial)

Today we’re all going to learn how to create our very own Twitch Account

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  • Justin Alvarez 1 year ago

    mine said "Sorry, you must be at least 13 years old to create an account." mine litterally is set to april 18 1996 -_-

  • Leaguce Kev 1 year ago

    it says unable to create account PLEASE USE A DIFFERENT EMAIL TO CONTINUE

  • Gatcha MoUfue 1 year ago


  • XlxWoahxlX 1 year ago

    im good but how df do I get moneyyyyy

  • thomas chappell 1 year ago

    thx this was very help full to me and my friends so now we can broadcast and watch streams thx and bye

  • Talking poker 1 year ago

    what kind of an ashole are you? I understand you have a small dick or something and trying to compensate, but tone it down for the love of God!!!

  • SweSparky 1 year ago

    thanks man that helped me alot πŸ™‚ <3

  • Xxx Tentacion 1 year ago

    twitch made me toxic i put year 2000

  • TheRangeControl 1 year ago

    It has not worked for me YET!!!

  • MaGiic Lol Moore 1 year ago

    It says. There's a error plaese try again

  • gengfortnite 11 1 year ago

    its free

  • Diego Fox 1 year ago

    Won’t work

  • BFFlover12345678 1 year ago

    Year: 2018
    Me: Sets year of birth to 2000
    Twitch: Sorry, you must be at least 13 years old to create an account.
    Me: at least

  • Leonardo Font 1 year ago

    bs, it says that I am not 13 but I am at least, what should i do then

  • Om Rimal 1 year ago

    You are Fuck up

  • Nicholas Nauta 1 year ago

    What if your fake birth date is 1970 and it still says you have to be 13 and older witch I am

  • Eko 1 year ago

    The people who are confused your gmail account need to be 13+ so you can use your parents account.

  • tctc24 1 year ago


  • chiquitta Herbert 1 year ago

    were do i write the codes it isent showing

  • chiquitta Herbert 1 year ago

    it says i have to be over 13 when i clearly put like 1912 or something can you help me

  • Liam Winters-Gordon 1 year ago

    it doesnt allow me to do the @ sign on my computer in twitch but everything else it does work
    can you help me

  • PCGam1ng 1 year ago

    I dont see recaptcha

  • Pauldjreadman 1 year ago

    It keeps coming up error when I sign in. I was surprised how bad the navigation is.

  • gangsta panda 1 year ago

    Omfg all this time i couldn't do it

    i was to young

  • Riot Jettaboyyy 1 year ago

    It says your making accounts too quickly when I made 1 account a year ago

  • Jon Elixir 1 year ago

    It Says you are not eligible to create an account at this time Bitch

  • Chileno Kabron 1 year ago

    It keeps saying u have to be at least 13 years i say ok i go down to 1995
    Twitch: you have to be at least 13 years old

  • jasper the dog 26 1 year ago

    No matter what age I put it says you need to be at least 13 years old to make an account helppp

  • ShadowMyda 1 year ago

    Okay great i just wanted to know if twitch costed money πŸ˜€ thanks man

  • infinite SG 1 year ago

    oh oh oh i know if you guys have the under age problem i can help
    1st change you gmail birth day to like 13 or your real age
    2nd make you twitch account now lol ez right
    comment if you need me to make a video about it

  • snipe demon 1 year ago

    dude this sucks you dont have to type wtf just type twitch

  • xSnT_ Leader 1 year ago


  • YeNYeNOz XD 1 year ago

    thank you

  • Kawaii Potato 1 year ago

    twitch has made me so salty now! it says im not old enough and ive put year:2002! the heck twitch

  • Blackeris 1 year ago


  • Jonathan Taylor 1 year ago

    my dad helped design the camera on the new herison pluto fly by

  • K and M 1 year ago


  • Nancy Clayton 1 year ago

    hackers can use ur email D:

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