How to install Minecraft MOD PACKS on the TWITCH launcher (2019)

How to install Minecraft MOD PACKS on the TWITCH launcher (2019) Install modpacks like RLCraft or RAD or any of the FTB mod packs.

This easy step by step tutorial on how to install mod packs on the Twitch launcher will make it easier for you to play those mod packs like RLCraft, RAD and Feed the Beast packs.

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  • Zero 2 weeks ago

    Can anybody help? It says minecraft isnt installed and when i click install it doesnt work?

  • Fun Brainz 2 weeks ago

    When I click play on the modpack it just doesn't show up in the launcher, Pls help

  • Jeorgia Travers 2 weeks ago


  • Hotsmoothie_gaming 2 weeks ago

    When i go into the launcher, it just dont stop loading, even with no mods

  • dexter gutierrez 2 weeks ago

    Find me username:DANNYFOXK

  • Ninja 2 weeks ago

    When i try to change the laubcher methode it keeps going bacok to jar launcher to native launcher

  • Can't think of a name. 2 weeks ago

    I couldnt get the rlcraft launcher thing to come only my personally created ones. does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Karla Guevara 2 weeks ago

    why is mine different

  • Ndev o 2 weeks ago

    OMG THANK YOU YOUR PRO GAMER I LOVEYOU IT WORKED FINE BUT…. question how much memory should i allocate i have 4gb of ram on my pc(laptop)

  • mikkel mikkel 2 weeks ago

    thanks for the help

  • Golden Roses 2 weeks ago

    Idk what I did, I used to be able to play but I can't now… Now it crashes and says "exit code 0"

  • holline :D 2 weeks ago

    how do i do it on ipad

  • harshanjeet singh 2 weeks ago

    when i opem mode section there was error could not loud plugins pleas,help

  • Baconeek 2 weeks ago

    hey im having a problem. when im downloading pixelmon it says "installation timed out" and a bunch of codes and stuff. do u know how to fix it by any chance? if someone tells me how to fix this and it works ill sub to them. thanks!

  • Pezuh 2 weeks ago


  • Adam Tavernier 2 weeks ago

    Anyone have the issue where when u go off settings it changes from native launcher to JAR launcher

  • Dekubar 2 weeks ago

    im trying to use a modpack but when i open it in minecraft it doesnt have forge–

  • Malik Abdullah 2 weeks ago

    when I got to the mods section it says start building you game library even tho I have minecraft…help?

  • Rae Solar 2 weeks ago

    It says that "support was removed in 8.0"..

  • Oskar Zielinski 2 weeks ago

    "if you've got integrated graphics i'd turn this on"
    GPU Hardware accel uses GPU if you have GPU. "GPU acceleration". If you've got a good GPUturn it on, if not then turn off and it will use your CPU.

    Edit: Correct me if im wrong but if you have no GPU then turning it on makes no difference? Since your already using the onboard graphics.

  • davudteknetas abi ! 2 weeks ago

    thank you, you helped me so well

  • Mr. Standard 2 weeks ago

    it says you need java to play what does t mean i have minecraft java

  • Ace emulation 2 weeks ago

    I've been using dashboard for a long time but this he works way better

  • LunaR GhosT 2 weeks ago

    there is no 3 lines in the top right

  • Wolf x gaming 2 weeks ago

    your a lier!

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