How To Install A Project Ozone 2 Server Tutorial. Twitch, ProDminer

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Server Files:

Java 64 bit:



  • Hunter 10 months ago

    Quests are broken in the current server version. Time to travel to the past to when they did!

  • ResidentSleeper 10 months ago

    When i extract the file into my folder, it does not show eula etc.. Do you know what is wrong?

  • Edward Cleary 10 months ago

    if you already started it is it possible to change the world type

  • Edward Cleary 10 months ago

    Thanks man I think its working for me as well on project ozone 3

  • MaF1 10 months ago

    How to dedicate more RAM to forge?

  • Holly Doggo 10 months ago

    great, now i can play on my server by myself… coool

  • Cards 10 months ago

    stupid question but when it gets to the end and says unloading dimensions and everything and stops loading what do i click to open the actual game to create my world?

  • Solar 10 months ago

    can i use a .bat file to increase the ram and change the interface?

  • RussEfarmer 10 months ago

    If anyone is having trouble, make sure you have the latest version of java before running forge.jar

  • soAqua 10 months ago

    This was really helpful, thanks a lot!

  • Sweaty Spaghetti 10 months ago

    thanks for the help it worked fine. im curious as to whether a .bat file would work better for the server console as the default gui has been proven to be very resource intensive.

  • Silke VL 10 months ago

    thanks this really helped me out !

  • Alessandro Barbieri 10 months ago

    It just don't opens the forge file

  • Dave Hill 10 months ago

    I downloaded the server and everything works great! Only question is how do I tell my friends the IP address to join so they can join the server. I tried reloading the forge with my own IP, but this just crashes it. Suggestions?

  • Max Jefferison 10 months ago

    2:52 "Erase this, please?" Sure no problem ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Liam O'Toole 10 months ago

    how can i get friends to join?

  • Mark Felix Blanco 10 months ago

    When i double click the forge, it doesnt open anything, help ๐Ÿ™

  • Zorah Lmao 10 months ago

    Im stuck on the 247mb on Draconic Evolution how do I fix this problem in the forge file

  • Stylianos Gakis 10 months ago

    When I run the forge jar file literally nothing happens, that's weird.

  • Philip Magnusson 10 months ago

    My forge just closes down and nothing happends for some reason

  • Mono Kuma 10 months ago

    I do the same and I dont know why, I my server is a normal world. Can you help plz ? I want to play on Skyland

  • Jacob Carlin 10 months ago

    How do I allocate more RAM to the server? When running the forge file it stops at like 246mb.

  • Rage Melt 10 months ago

    Yeah just wondering how do you fix the island generation problem for other players if they spawn on your island and when they die they don't get a new different island and their inventory doesn't get reset how do I fix that?

  • Pogocat1 10 months ago

    what if i have a mac

  • carson k. 10 months ago

    Oh yeah and I'm trying to put my already made world in the server and I saw you said in the "world" file but I can't find it anywhere.

  • carson k. 10 months ago

    Hi, when i try to open the forge jar file, it asks me which app to use. I don't know what to do, could you help please?

  • maikel Mblaster 2nd 10 months ago

    please can someone help. My forge is a rar file do I need to extract it. In the video it was a exe file. what did I do wrong

  • Scoopyotter 10 months ago

    Is there a way for me to let my hamachi server stay on without me needing to be there? If so, I can't figure out how to…

  • DiscouragedOblong 10 months ago

    Just tried following these same steps for a 2.4 server, but when joining the sever, It boots me for having better questing installed! I already deleted HQM, should I try this again and delete BQ instead of HQM?

  • Arttu Rekilรค 10 months ago

    how that gonna work if i use my laptop to keep server up and i play that world on my main pc??

  • Drew Noakes 10 months ago

    Thanks a lot for the video. With the server configured, do you have to do anything special for the client? I can set up port forwarding easily enough, but am wondering if friends would need to install anything beyond the vanilla Minecraft launcher.

  • DetergentX 10 months ago

    Server crashes when I login on SKYLANDS after walking around a bit, but I also don't start with any of the books or starting items, and every entity that has to do with the modpack wont drop anything, and i can't spawn them in. When I load botania sky island, nothing spawns and I fall to the void constantly. Java is up to date, server prop is good. Are you using twitch client for your client side PO2R?

  • 101akito 10 months ago

    thanks for the help really cleared the air on how this is done… but in the server properties can i change it to kappa mode or is that a whole different ball park? But it was a good tutorial so ill give you a sub maybe ill stop by your livestream and watch. Good Job!

  • SirKraager 10 months ago

    when i start up the forge.jar everything goes well untill it reaches draconic evolution at that point it will just stop, i think it has to do with that it only uses 247 kilobytes but i have no idea how to increase this i tried quite a few things but none of them work! ;-;

  • MissBunnie Bell 10 months ago

    Thanks this helped a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

  • MotoKoko 10 months ago

    several files you showed in this video didnt actually show up in the actual file

  • satanvapes 10 months ago

    ey so,,I did this and it seemed to work but im missing the file?? I downloaded the vaygrim's chance 4 server file and everything else seemed to work but seems to be the only one thats not there, do I need it ?? Like to have an ip address or something?

  • runey5 10 months ago

    my server keeps crashing, got the latest java, followed the video and everything, the server just crashes once everything is loaded

  • ok swag 10 months ago

    Me and my friend are trying to get this to work on the server hoster we're using to play MC, and we have not been successful so far. We are trying to run Project Ozone 2 Reloaded Version 2.3.0, and I have question. Could we follow all of the steps in this video and then just upload all of the files into the server hoster?

    BTW: We're using

  • MrMonkeyman40 10 months ago

    Everytime I run Forge it crashes…. help?

  • fuckboy 10 months ago

    when i extract the files it only give me 3 files, an overrides folder, a manifest.json, and a modlist.html…. not all those server files you get @ 2:00

  • MProgamer 10 months ago

    you helped me with a problem so i subbed and liked :p

  • Alessio M. 10 months ago

    thanks man!

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