How to Gift a sub – Twitch tutorial

This video shows you how to use the new feature and gift a subscription to anyone.


Let me know which topics you would like see a video on 🙂

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  • Chris Reebs 2 years ago

    This is so gay

  • Card Booarrd 2 years ago

    How do u claim them it if you get gifted a sub

  • Nightofthewolf TV 2 years ago

    Do you know how I can turn gifted subs on I some how have it turned off

  • SirNoob 2 years ago

    so how do i gift a subscription to my channel to one of my followers?

  • Floorish 2 years ago

    Someone donated a free subscription of mine to a twitch streamer, and… Is it already working or do I have to do something to activate it?

  • Kaizaqu 2 years ago


  • tommyfisher666 2 years ago

    Does it cost me if someone giftsubs me to someone?

  • ME ME 2 years ago


  • SnavsChannel 2 years ago

    If someone gifts a sub to a viewer to their own channel, does the host still pay $5 and get 2.50 from that or would it be free since it's their own channel?

  • Its Class YT 2 years ago

    When u sub to someone can you use the persons emotes in other people’s streams!

  • Theguy2295 2 years ago

    wait, so you can buy people with money? but does people not just unsub after if they are not interested?

  • Razor X 2 years ago

    Totally retarded, just like twitch itself. Just came here wanting to know why would idiots spend real money on pixels and also gifting subs . You sir, are a twat. and so is the entire twitch community. ( 80 % of whom are kids who get scammed by twitch streamers a.k.a. Summit, and Ali A )

  • impules gaming 2 years ago

    how do you claim the free sub

  • addison 2 years ago

    I like cizzorz and dakotaz emotes

  • Juan Menjivar 2 years ago

    Can you gift a sub using your PS4?

  • Ethan 2 years ago

    Do you have to gift a sub with your credit or debit card? please respond ❤️

  • Lolphy - 2 years ago

    I like Pengu emotes

  • King Yea Yea 2 years ago

    So ur spending ur real life money in order to gift sub to someone ? Or this an admin tool for the content creator to decide if someone gets it for free any tier till he stops doin it ?

  • xentaza 2 years ago


  • ReNe 2 years ago

    @x2pac_thuglord check his out

  • Thanay recce 2 years ago

    I like pawan_thanay

  • Clevecavs TV 2 years ago


  • Danny Freeman 2 years ago

    so i gifted 12 subs and now i can't sub to anyone lmao do i have to pay for 12 subs every month ? lol and i want to sub to more people and give more people subs there should not be a Cap help me out with this what should i do make a new account ?

  • Egobyte83 2 years ago

    Just to be clear (because Twitch themselves seem reluctant to state this plainly for some reason) …. we are being charged for the sub that we are gifting? I was like "oh, so I can give one of my followers a free sub, because he really deserves it but can't afford it" … but then I thought "wait a minute, would I, the channel owner, have to pay for a sub to my own channel even if it is a gift to someone else?"

  • Emelichen 2 years ago

    I Like xQcOw emotes 😛

  • 。 2 years ago

    Twitch is so full of secrets lately, its crazy.. in a good way of course! Outstanding video as always mane d(´ ∀ ` *)

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