How To Get Twitch Prime For Free Without Credit Card 2020 | TechnoVicky

How To Get Twitch Prime Free 2020 | Twitch Prime Free Trial (still working) | TechnoVicky

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  • Techno Vicky 2 years ago

    who can share my video on reddit please contact me on insta @technovicky2 i will gave him free twitch prime account

  • Mohammed Amin Emami 2 years ago

    Do I have to use VPN for german or it doesnt matter

  • stomic Sami 2 years ago

    Bro can you pleaae make me one twitch prime account? Please!
    because its not working

  • Sujay S Shenoy 2 years ago

    I am getting "Internal Error! Please try again"

  • The Awesome Gamer D2 2 years ago

    It worked guys the only thing was if u use temp mail it will get banned so use ur own email and everything will work fine

  • The Awesome Gamer D2 2 years ago

    can someone make twitch prime for me i was unable to do it i will even pay u for it whatsapp number +91 9660733499

  • Nerd 516 2 years ago

    son why is the fbi by the door

  • Zer0Logic0 • 14 Years Ago 2 years ago

    Can you please make an account for me?

  • Marc Jerald 2 years ago

    Is it still working?

  • Bryce Van der werf 2 years ago


  • Bryce Van der werf 2 years ago

    i'm really scared can they find me or something

  • Halis 2 years ago

    You speak German?. Me too 🙂

  • neil ablaza 2 years ago

    plss pick me to the give away plss i dont have a vpn so its hard for me to create twitch prime

  • Techno Vicky 2 years ago

    Friends if you want to be a part of Twitch Prime account Giveaway then Subscribe my channel like my video share and comment in comment section #Technovickyofficial.

    So guys as you know i cannot provide accounts to everyone over here please try to understand me, that's why i bring a solution every week i pick random winner through youtube random comment picker every week i give away two accounts to my subscribers so please follow these things and be a part of random winner Tomorrow i'm going to do this i give two accounts to winners thank you.

  • Seba 2 years ago

    Fake, phone number doesn't work.

  • mehmet yıldırım 2 years ago

    i didnt connect germany

  • mehmet yıldırım 2 years ago

    Hello, I can't open an account, I get an error. Can you open an Amazon prime account for me?

  • برامج و مسلسلات 2 years ago

    work thnx

  • Remy 2 years ago

    They fixed it already

  • Yaty 2 years ago

    Question: Can I use any number or it has to be Netherland or Germany?

  • Yaty 2 years ago

    U guys need to use a vpn and connect to Germany 🙂

  • Pearnut 2 years ago

    Account got locked instantly, would appreciate help if you can.

  • xgtr _23 2 years ago

    Thanks that works for me 🥺

  • DevinG Gamer 2 years ago

    100% work for me thank u man help me a lot 😇💪

  • WolF 2 years ago

    Bro at 6:37 I just go to the Amazon home screen anyone know a fix?

  • Raul Dz 2 years ago

    Hi, can you give me a Twitch Prime account so I can get the Lol rewards please

  • The Defender’s 2 years ago

    can you make one for me pls ?
    ممكن تصنعلي واحد مجانا؟

  • n0thing 2 years ago

    Hey bro, I’m trying this method for days and I’m not getting it, it’s very complex and I can’t find a phone number, I’m from Brazil and I can’t communicate with the right discord chat people.
    I always wanted to twitch prime to get the loot from the r6 moozie and sub in the Zigueira channel to get his amulet.
    Anyway, can you help me?

  • Ricardo_Milos 2 years ago

    It doesn't let me pass through.
    I'm kept on 'Logging in to Amazon', it just resets all of the info(email, password) I put there, even though prime was correctly activated on Amazon

  • Armi 2 years ago

    Sorry for asking to much, but now i solve my other problems, but I have another now. When i want to change the phone number i cant get the SMS, how long i need to wait to get it?

  • M A 2 years ago

    Not work ☹️☹️😭

  • Noob Killer 2 years ago

    the number is not working kindly grant us a private number

  • Slxshy 2 years ago

    At 6:50 it sends me to the amazon home Paige instead, help?

  • TSQ_R6 2 years ago

    doesnt work

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