How to get Fortnite Twitch Prime for FREE + New "Oh No" Error Fix! [AUGUST 2018]

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  • Explicit Tutorials 1 year ago

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  • Charbel Riachy 1 year ago

    Thanks dude

  • Kubuz-chan 1 year ago

    "Account locked

    Your account has been locked for security purposes. Please check your email for instructions on how to unlock your account."

    HELP ;c

  • Mati 1 year ago

    So I managed to successfully get my free 30 day trail on two accounts I have created but when I tried to link my Amazon to Twitch I got a window pop up saying that my Amazon account is blocked :C Someone help :-:

  • Yassin Rahou 1 year ago

    Can you make a vid on how to get twitch prime loot for apex legends

  • EkstraJ 1 year ago

    no this isnt working

  • Braeden 1 year ago

    I stil get stuck on the "You got it boss" please help

  • Anson Liang 1 year ago

    hi i did this but it wont work. Can i please have a twitch prime account please. I really want twitch prime pleasse

  • Dense Is Tense 1 year ago

    It says this every time–There was an error validating your payment method. Please update or add a new payment method and try again. Also what is the expiring date?

  • Jaden North 1 year ago

    Fuck that I’m getting twitch prime for NBA 2K19 So I can get 25,000 VC which is more valuable than Fortnite VBucks

  • jim psas 1 year ago

    Is that still working??

  • Ahmed Plays 1 year ago

    There was an error validating your payment method. Please update or add a new payment method and try again.

  • niilo22 1 year ago

    mmm its not working no more 🙁

  • TIAM MO 1 year ago

    plz help me with account I got two locked amazon accounts

  • xursee 1 year ago

    Could you get banned for this on fortnite?

  • Silencer 1 year ago

    still works??

  • Krazy Newb 1 year ago

    My gosh, it says the birthdate has to be over 13, AND IT IS.

  • Jack Austin 1 year ago

    I actually love you man i want to donate you 100$ how can i donate?

  • Venompool 1507 1 year ago

    If i could I would like 100000000000000000000000 times

  • Levi Christopher 1 year ago

    Thanks mate

  • Adam Z 1 year ago

    it says my amazon account has been locked, what do i do?

  • Dudemonord 1 year ago

    My tunnel bear out of data!

  • Moonfighter 1 year ago

    This doesn't work anymore 🙁

  • ŻuwKosmonauta 1 year ago

    Doesn't work :/

  • lolslolol37 Wow 1 year ago

    i did like 20 credit cards and none work FAKE

  • Mr Melon 1 year ago

    It worked up into the point where you clicked the get twitch prime on the twitch page, and it got stuck on activating twitch prime. It said, could not verify credit card. prime was activated on the amazon page. 🙁

  • SCP Foundation 1 year ago

    Please can you make me an account? Not working. And pls send the acc information at

  • Rafox 1 year ago

    in the part to add the prime to twitch, when i enter my amazon email and password, it says i need to confirm by code, what now?

  • jet679 1 year ago

    dude my address not working

  • jet679 1 year ago

    where to get fake email??

  • xXLaxuzZXx - Personaje bloqueado. 1 year ago

    don't work :c

  • APlay71 1 year ago

    Not working,still error,I kept trying but nothing…

  • Muf ́s Channel 1 year ago

    Where i can get the BIN ? Thanks for answer.

  • Very Succulent 1 year ago

    I got “uh oh” I’m sad now

  • maythem YT 1 year ago

    finally thanks man

  • Jeremy Tantio 1 year ago

    same result.not working.

  • Woa Snappy 1 year ago

    I tried a whole bunch of times and still didn’t work 🙁

  • kaczusia xd 1 year ago

    the zip code is always wrong help? :p

  • Kypsha 1 year ago

    I try to subscribe to streamers for free for 3 times using this method and after 4th time i press 'SUBSCRIBE FREE' it says oops something went wrong… Can someone help?

  • chowst123 1 year ago

    It says Oh No! again 🙁

  • Viivi Liukko 1 year ago

    Lmao! Still doesnt work this is just a skem!

  • ching s 1 year ago

    doesint work anymore?

  • Vee Jay Acebedo 1 year ago

    Not working anymore.

  • Mr.Ji4ko 1 year ago

    is that a dangerous 😀 ?

  • BlowDatEngine445 1 year ago


  • Sniperiland23 1 year ago

    It never works

  • Kakashii Gh 1 year ago

    e srbine srbine

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