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  • Mosballin 12 months ago

    How to Grow on Twitch has finally been uploaded! –

  • Valde Dreng 12 months ago

    i have to do 4 steps before. i am one step 3 right now but its say something with royalty tax interwiew?

  • Freddie 12 months ago

    btec tory lanez

  • Shorty 12 months ago

    Video starts at 2:40 your welcome thank me later

  • Clutch YT 12 months ago

    Does anyone wanna follow my twitch at Clutch__YT

  • Xerium 12 months ago

    Does the sub button just come up automatically or do you have to activate it or something

  • MrWest24680 12 months ago

    Anyone else feel crazy that we came to YouTube to find out which information, no? Just me? Okay

  • JP GRPHX 12 months ago

    I can’t get the followers my twitch is @hawkzzzz13

  • jrh gaming 12 months ago

    To set up a sub button do I need to link PayPal or bank details?

  • Steele Shooting 12 months ago

    Amen brother, I agree with everything u said bro… Keep grinding just hit affiliate myself and the real grind starts now, but this video helped so much man. Thanks a million my guy u the MVP

  • Ttv Soggi3 12 months ago

    Ttvsoggi3 check me out

  • potatolord potato 12 months ago

    I took a dump
    ا ago

  • Konorz 12 months ago

    Thank you so much man I’ll be grinding for that twitch affiliate and I’ll be watching you on twitch to

  • Cinnamon Cap 12 months ago

    i love this dudes energy

  • Mads Gasberg 12 months ago

    I got all 50 followers, but it says 48 ?

  • Akane Yui 12 months ago

    hey just came to say thanks , i started my streams today and had no idea, i still have alot of things to figure out but you helped me alot =) really appreciated

  • Daniel Plamondon 12 months ago

    so when do you tell me how to get the button… you've wasted my time

  • Abridgedrake 69 12 months ago

    Get too the point

  • Night 12 months ago

    man this vid was rlly helpful but i subbed cos im rlly likin this guy how isnt he a big name

  • ariel gapas03 12 months ago

    Please hug me and I will hug you back ..

  • Varjees 12 months ago

    imfilled out everything and it was accepted but i dont have the button

  • Basha Atef 12 months ago

    i really appreciate this video but i wish you can do another part because twitch really changed its been two years

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