How To Embed A Twitch Channel On Your Website

How to embed a Twitch channel on your website using

This video will show you how to embed a twitch live stream to your website.

1. Go to and copy the code to your clipboard. 1:10

2. Paste the embed code in the insert HTML part of the WebStarts editor. Be sure to replace the channel name in the code to whatever channel you would like to show.

3. Press ‘okay’ and resize the widget to the desired size for your website.

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  • It's Better 2gether 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot!! Very on point without B.S.

  • TheDuckPone 2 years ago

    How can you do this with YouTube?

  • Bryan Silva 2 years ago

    Thank you man, i'm doing my own website and this helped me a lot!!

  • John Carlo 2 years ago

    sir, how can i switch embedded twitch channels?

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