How to edit Gaming Streams for YouTube – Video Editing for Twitch Streamers

Do you want to share your live streams to YouTube as a video? In today’s video I will show you how to edit your 3hr stream into a short YouTube video. You could directly upload your VOD but it is better to do a bit of editing and treat it like you would a normal YouTube video.

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  1. Hey i hope you see this i have an issue and i was wondering if you could help. I imported my vod into premiere pro and the audio is glitchy when i watch it back, anyone know why that is?

  2. Hey! Great video, it's helpful but I do I have a question though. What did you change the frame and horizontal size to? Also you said "I" then apostrophe at the same time right? Or separately?

  3. Loved the metadata aspects. I had no clue about the gaming category and game sorting. How do you figure out the “good parts” of VODs you wish to save?

  4. It says I didn't have any videos that met the filter every time I feel that I can make a good video something always happeneds can you help me plz nvm it doesn't work on mobile I don't know why I try

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