How to: Edit/Delete Twitch clips | 2020

Created a clip on Twitch by accident? Want to see how many clips you’ve made? Wand to manage old clips or rename them? Well, it’s simple but a little hidden for those viewers.

Downloading Twitch clips:
Downloading/Recording Twitch streams:

0:00 – Explanation
1:12 – Managing your clips

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  • Russell R 2 years ago

    Thanks for this video! Turns out you can't edit titles of clips others have made of your channel, but you can edit titles of videos you've made

  • Marikatz 2 years ago

    Is there a way to choose the time frame of the video to clip?

  • Luke Dunbar 2 years ago

    Super helpful thank you!

  • thetrue star719 2 years ago


  • Spectratic 2 years ago

    I need a tutorial for Ios

  • Will 2 years ago

    I did this but they are still showing up on my clips page.

  • ScarMafia Gaming 2 years ago

    looool why would you make a sacriel clip. he doesnt do any clip worthy

  • CJ Williams 2 years ago

    I agree with YoinK but thank you for showing me this

  • Yoink 2 years ago

    u have a nice voice

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