• ExoticButters 2 years ago

    Everyone, you have to be a Twitch Affiliate/Partner to get this feature!

  • TTVGummy_yt 2 years ago

    Omg Th for that I needed help with that lol

  • Juan 2 years ago

    I am trying to do it on my phone but I don’t see the stuff you see so idk if I need a computer hopefully not

  • karma 2 years ago

    if youre reading this. good job! on making it this far

  • Mother Please 2 years ago

    How can I do this on phone 😭😭😭

  • Shotgun Betty Gaming 2 years ago

    So…how do you get the whole chat channel system? My chat doesn't have channel points, let alone customizing them. Is it a streamlabs thing? a twitch thing? an affiliate thing? etc., thanks in advance.

  • Elite Windy 2 years ago

    thank u this helped me a lot

  • peevelix the_gamer 2 years ago

    I don't have it?

  • Rachid 2 years ago

    when i press on community i cant find channel points

  • Cov3 ReeceXD8369 2 years ago

    It doesn't say channel points would you no why

  • Yoshiman #1 2 years ago

    It does not show me channel points in 0:52

  • Frankie Gomez 2 years ago

    It doesn’t show channel points for me, do I need to get more viewers or pay something?

  • iDriPy YT 2 years ago

    I'm tryin to get more followers to get affiliated thx for the help!

  • anonymous orca 2 years ago

    BRUH im affiliate but the channel points feature doesn't show up. Help plz?

  • Infused power 2 years ago

    i know your busy but ive affiliate and i can't find the channel points do u need to enable them?

  • Krazes LP 2 years ago

    does it cost something? cuz i cant find the coin button

  • shadowarriors 2 years ago

    It doesn't work I cant find it

  • super boyz gaming 2 years ago

    I can not find channel points it says follower list

  • kyro 2 years ago

    how do i add like !org to my stream

  • ACG 2 years ago

    Do you need twitch prime

  • Lemon Ferret 2 years ago

    in the modify a single emote item, there is no emotes, and i wanna know how to make them can somebody help me please?

  • 999 streaks. 2 years ago

    How do u refund channel points redeem

  • Thegamingpug2 2 years ago

    Do u get paid ? For it if they give some

  • Grundtila 2 years ago

    thank you man. ever since i got banned from streaming on yt, I decided to do twitch, its going good so far

  • Zeeburn 2 years ago

    To everybody who has reached affiliate but doesn't see their channel points where they should be…sometimes it takes a while for them to show up. It might be hours after you complete your affiliate onboarding so just be patient and they'll show up eventually 🙂

  • DeraxDub 2 years ago

    how can i give points to a viewer? help
    i tried to make !addpoints but it doesn't work

  • Hajjamajd 2 years ago

    Very in depth video great job

  • medisek _ 2 years ago

    What i need to get points and subs

  • Jc_ynv_ me 2 years ago

    Can u use a phone ?

  • Ranger_ZF 2 years ago

    This help me alot thanks

  • Xavvy Many 2 years ago


  • Tyler Stock 2 years ago

    you suck at explaining things

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