How to Code a Custom Twitch Bot

In this screencast, I will teach you how to make custom bots on Twitch. I will build a custom bot that can send all chat messages to the native OSX notification center. Then I will show you how to make the bot respond to custom text strings that a user types.

Quick, simple, and to the point. AlwaysBotCoding!


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  • Moonowl 8 months ago

    Let’s say your friend wants to use your bot
    How do you make a external list of channels that the bot can be on and read from to go to the right channel but not go to the one that has a similar name

  • DeadMan 8 months ago

    man i wish i knew how to code 🙁 I need a macro for a channel 🙂

  • I’mnotgay Gay 8 months ago

    Can you legally sell bots to people? Also, is it actually profitable as a random selling them?

  • Liver Man 8 months ago

    He was copying off another screen you can see he looks there

  • Kavukamari 8 months ago

    it's been about three years now, and it seems like now the bot uses the oauth user's name instead of the assigned nickname… any ideas on how to not do that?

  • Mayraxlh Kempbmc 8 months ago

    You can use botchief to create your custom bot 我甚至不认识Ruby,我非常喜欢这个视频。 谢谢!

  • Moss A 8 months ago

    just for reference from ( section 4.1.3):
    Command: USER

    Parameters: <username> <hostname> <servername> <realname>
    Hope that explains it.

  • Klip ETG 8 months ago

    Loved this it was super helpful, took a bunch of notes. Trying to make a bot focused minigame my chat can partake in and I think this exactly serves for what I need.

  • Charlie CHARLIE 8 months ago

    ty check me out bro and come hang and we talk abut bots

  • AC DG 8 months ago


  • Ronan 8 months ago

    whats the program on the left called?

  • KillerMic67 8 months ago

    osascript is for mac

  • OutraMiha 8 months ago

    hi! can you do this on python3 please?

  • godgutten 8 months ago

    look in the camera

  • BipolarExpedition 8 months ago

    I don't code in Ruby (I stick with Python, C/C++, C#, BASH, BATCH,Lua) and I don't run OSX (Win10 and occaisionally Linux), but I still found this useful. I subscribed and will check out your other content. Good Job.

  • Manoel Bueno 8 months ago

    I don't know Ruby @Shougil and I did understand too LUL this guy is fire! Great teaching skills!

  • Holger Hennecke 8 months ago

    Danke sehr!! 🙂 Your explain is great, thank you!!

  • Shougil 8 months ago

    I don't even know Ruby and I thoroughly enjoyed the video. Thank you!

  • La CreArthur 8 months ago

    Very complete tutorial nicely explained, thanks a lot 🙂

  • Saywolf 8 months ago

    Enjoyed this! Thank you Thank you!!! xDDD

  • zxcz asdz 8 months ago

    Can bot's quit messages also start with «/me» due to twitch syntax?

  • seith jackson 8 months ago

    You can use botchief to create the custom bot

  • Tristan Wolfe 8 months ago

    Love it. You definitely deserve more subs. Keep the quality content rollin 🙂

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