How to Add the Twitch Effect in Sony Vegas.

Hey guys sorry for not doing a tutorial in a while. Hopefully you guys are happy with this one, as it was requested a lot. In this tutorial I will teach you how to add and enhance the twitch effect in Sony Vegas Pro. This works in sv10-12. If you have any questions just message, comment, or add me on Skype. Leave some feedback and a like if you want. I’ll do my best to get back to everyone. In the download link below I have provided the song and clip from this tutorial…Tom.

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Song is in the download link above.



  • Tom J. McCoy 3 years ago

    Just want to let everyone know that I will be doing more SV tutorials soon! I have said this on my Twitter, so to stay up to date please follow me @tomjmccoyy! Thumbs up this comment, so all can see!

  • EnchGA 3 years ago

    Pretty nice tutorial for ppl who don't use sapphire ofx

  • AAdesh.Fellaheel 3 years ago

    I want the red thing when the hit takes place, and not throughout the video. Can you please help?

  • AllenX 3 years ago

    Thank you so much now i can make epic montage XD

  • Tomilache 3 years ago

    does it work with vegas pro 16?

  • One Punch Man 3 years ago

    Using vegas pro 14 when i do it the text is moving about smoothly… does it only work with video this effect? (help please!)

  • PHMittens 3 years ago


  • CroteXzZ 3 years ago

    Omg a haved watch 10 tutorials and no one say how to add black cinematic bars!!

  • Iv4oweBG 3 years ago

    if you cut the useful information the clip will go like 3 mins please stop putting useless footage in the next videos it's awful

  • ada ny 3 years ago

    does it work with svp 15?

  • Martial 3 years ago

    ez and legendary

  • Foresbi 3 years ago

    Can i do the first Clip, if i just put this effect three times and the flashes?

  • 韩帛君 3 years ago

    now is MAGIX VEGAS Pro , tutorial is great, Thanks:D

  • Habib Ok 3 years ago


  • MI VLOGS 3 years ago

    Plz start from beginning

  • VLNOW 3 years ago

    thanks alot man

  • Obsi 3 years ago

    Didnt work for Sony Vegas Pro 14 🙁

  • Gorrarz 3 years ago

    thx so fu*** much man!

  • Kedevik 3 years ago

    none of it worked for me

  • Danny LP 3 years ago

    Thx so much dud if my video is finished i go back to you again… and look at my video what i did ^^ about DBD*

  • Jevii Elli 3 years ago

    great hepl

  • Jevii Elli 3 years ago

    great hepl

  • Reckless GE4 3 years ago

    Your edit is so sick ..How you do the epileptic effect 😀

  • I am Cosby 3 years ago

    More Vegas tuts they are awesome

  • KingPopinLockin 3 years ago

    Nothing happens. I open pan/crop, move it around and moving up frames as I do but then after I close the window and try playing it nothing happens. Idk what's wrong, I literally did everything exactly the same.

  • iamlordbyron 3 years ago

    great info! just subscribed!! Check out my page as well

  • Questing Guide 3 years ago

    Lol I love how you tell people how to cut Haha if they don't know how to do that they need to go watch the basics first haha

  • Paulina Sandoval 3 years ago

    what computer/laptop do you use?

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