How To Add Music To Twitch Stream Using Nightbot & OBS – Show Song Request In Stream Tutorial 2017

How To Add Music To Your Livestream Using Nightbot & OBS Full Tutorial – How To Show What Songs Viewers Requested In Your Stream.

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  • Clumpy Flump 3 years ago

    sucks i only have a chromebook ;c

  • CrackaZach Gaming 3 years ago

    Thank you so much your video was simple and easy to understand

  • CautionedIbrahim 3 years ago

    If you guys want the link even though dis guy forgot to add it to desc, here it is.

  • Beast_king 2mch 3 years ago

    How to i do i dont want to hear the song i want my viewers

  • Spark Pluqz 3 years ago

    Just use spotify

  • V CUPZ 3 years ago

    Thx a lot works with streamlabs just click add source and click text

  • XP0keZ 3 years ago

    Fuck you fick di fick dich

  • Hurly Durly 3 years ago

    can u make nightbot say something when someone subs?

  • MSP blobvishoi 3 years ago


  • Stream of Consciousness 3 years ago


  • Daniel Macey 3 years ago

    So you need obs for it to play on twitch stream ?

  • Nhigt Bot 3 years ago

    Noobyou are noob

  • Shineess1 3 years ago

    I cannot get Nightbot to stream in current song area for some reason or another

  • UB Virtual 3 years ago

    Here's the link he "promised" to put in the description

  • Susan Clifton 3 years ago


  • RustyPlayz 3 years ago

    Hey! just asking but does this get me strikes?

  • Sgt_WilcoTTV 3 years ago

    What a mess – Shocking Tutorial….

  • Mafia 3 years ago

    I’m putting the url but it says it’s invalid

  • Miguel Borvice 3 years ago

    So does the song have to be on your playlist for someone to request it and how do people know what songs are on your playlist? And can you set it up for it to cost bits to play a song?

  • ahuff602 3 years ago

    I have a ps4 and it works fine but the song requests dont work. How do i fix it?

  • Mon7os 3 years ago

    Thank you for the video it was easy. even tho it's alittle old compared to the new OBS it worked.

  • HASC2Twisted 3 years ago

    The songs dont play on my stream…?

  • dave escobar 3 years ago

    but then how do play it?

  • Arbious 3 years ago


  • Shadowwind4 3 years ago

    scroll speed isnt showing up on my settings list, im using stream labs obs, please help thanks

  • Nicholas Marovets 3 years ago

    Jesus were you on adderall when you made this video?😂😂

  • Pumpkin Spice Boi 3 years ago

    Guys it doesnt work, but I know how to have music on ur streams!!
    1. Download spotify on ur goddam pc and make a fucking playlist and bam u got music! Thnx me lata

  • Twoscar 1996 3 years ago

    Thank you bro THANK YOU!

  • Nick Healey 3 years ago

    thank youuuuuuu

  • Stealth Thieves 3 years ago

    It no longer works because of licensing problems. So sad

  • Made You Rage Quit 3 years ago

    need help please

  • ManInaMiniVan 3 years ago

    Where's the link ?????

  • Shonen man 3 years ago

    Hey I am not sure if I reply you or not. But thanks for the video it works for me.

  • Deif 3 years ago

    gracias we, no te entendi ni madres pero explicas mejor que otros weyes jaja like

  • Mediocre PC Gaming 3 years ago

    Back at it again!

  • InnerG Ferrari 3 years ago

    easy to follow even for SLOBS! Thank you!

  • Elite Warrior 3 years ago

    My nightbot works but I can’t do the song request. Can anyone help me

  • Shonen man 3 years ago

    there's no current song notepad in my documents

  • Free Wifi 3 years ago
    🎥 Nicki Minaj – “Bed” (feat. Ariana Grande) – YouTube

  • CashForCode - Fortnite & More 3 years ago

    Everyone who hasn't done this please make sure the actual !songs command is enabled, its disabled by default even if you enable AutoDJ.

    Simply Login to Nightbot
    Go to Commands > Default
    Look for !songs
    Select "Enable"
    Now refresh your twitch page and type !songs

    It should work and it will also give you a list of subcommands you can do with !songs.

    Hope this helps people who are typing to command and isn't getting any response.

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