How To Add A Facecam To Your Live Stream In Twitch Studio (Full Tutorial)

Today I will be showing you how to add a facecam to your live stream in Twitch Studio! If you enjoy this video, feel free to subscribe! Make sure to SMASH that like button below as well! Stick around for more content!

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  • xXstoovBoi Gaming 8 months ago

    do i have to have it attached to a monitor or something?

  • calvin on 240fps 8 months ago

    thanks bro helped a lot

    lets get streaming

  • Abdelaziz Mekkaoui 8 months ago

    can you also do that on youtube?
    cuz I mostly stream on youtube

  • meryman 228 8 months ago

    Hahahhahahahahhahahahhahaha the intro

  • Zeepon 8 months ago

    Ok so please respond, here soon I’m going to have a setup with two monitors one will connect to my laptop showing chat the other will show my Xbox screen how would I get it then could I still use the webcam in the laptop?

  • Ervin Ohemeng 8 months ago

    Can I do it on mobile

  • space_gost 8 months ago

    is the app free?

  • BAM86 8 months ago

    why is it almost 2min in before we actually get to the "How to portion" ?

  • Popples Wow 8 months ago

    Thank you!

  • Justin McCarthy 8 months ago

    any other you tubers wanna sub to eachother?

  • Arman Serobyan 8 months ago

    What’s ur webcam?

  • Aaron olivarez 8 months ago

    I was streaming with my webcam on and it was working fine, until today my webcam wasn't appearing in stream. Can you help.

  • Tom Arild Hamre 8 months ago

    Connected my sony cam via usb. I can choose it in twitch studio and OBS, but nothing hhappens. Works in discord. Help!

  • deathstrike1377 8 months ago

    But you have to buy it

  • Insta Veal 8 months ago


  • DerpyGamer 8 months ago

    wow that was rely helpfull thankyou

  • Kalzmo Cable 8 months ago

    Does anyone know how to fix the flickering in the camera while streaming?

  • XxBroken_ WolfxX 8 months ago

    Wait can you be on mobile? Or do you have to do computer? Reason why is because I have trouble with my computer and if I could use my phone then that would be better

  • Jaspix 8 months ago

    It helped me a lot thx I liked the vid :PPPP

  • Stinky Tofu 8 months ago

    I stream using PS4 so will it work?

  • BeezieBeastTTV 8 months ago

    I just bought a basic one from OWN3D can you show me how to do it all please?

  • Icy afrizx 8 months ago


  • FHI 8 months ago

    How do u get twitch studio

  • panda gen 8 months ago

    Is thear a possible way to make your phone a webcam on mixer pls I need awser

  • AV8R69 8 months ago

    Thanks! I couldn't find that damn webcam button until you pointed it out!

  • David Norton 8 months ago

    This is no help to me at all bad video

  • Statiicz Shifty 8 months ago

    Bad vid yo

  • Natty Williams 8 months ago

    Really bad video dude! People don't know how to get to twitch studio, Need to do a bit better so people can understand.

  • Fr0z3n Playmaker 8 months ago

    Are they free

  • Daanfkyy 8 months ago

    Dude i just downloaded twitch i dont even know how to get to that screen smh

  • Hoodie Ced 8 months ago

    do you need a camera

  • ItsManos 8 months ago

    Is it free

  • im kokichi oma! 8 months ago

    How do you get into twitch studio?

  • C CC 8 months ago

    thanks a lot 😉

  • wild video4 8 months ago


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