GTA Online Casino DLC – TWITCH PRIME REBATE! How To Get Your $1,500,000 Back From Rockstar

GTA Online Casino DLC – TWITCH PRIME REBATE! How To Get Your $1,500,000 Back From Rockstar

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  • rita Jingoku 11 months ago

    Ur character looks like his name is Rahul lol

  • booze paradise 11 months ago

    do you have to pay monthly for a twitch prime

  • FBI 11 months ago

    Also doesn't show that I hooked up my social club and twitch when I did on the gta 5 loading screen

  • FBI 11 months ago

    It shows pc and Xbox on my screen and it shows a check on xbox do you need a check on both devices to use the loot

  • Dong Son 11 months ago

    Can u still apply the twitch prime discount? Also is there any in game purchases needed?

  • Joseph I 11 months ago

    Anybody now how long it takes to receive it

  • Alex Clements 11 months ago

    I purchased a £12 shark card two weeks ago and have gotten 2 rebates? Why?

  • Liam Burck 11 months ago

    I did the twitch prime thing and linked all my accounts and stuff but I never got the stuff, do you know why it wouldn’t work??

  • Jōsë Valencia El Cuh 11 months ago

    Does anyone think I’ll get back what I paid for the arcade that I paid already

  • ProVred 8 11 months ago

    I still dont fucking get my twitch prime arcade rebate fuck its been 12 Days

  • Diritry Yt 11 months ago

    I just done it so I hope I have it

  • Brandon Pearce 11 months ago

    Sounds like Mr boss ftw

  • zapper 24z 11 months ago

    How do you do it I’ve been trying

  • Paul M 11 months ago

    I got my twitch prime notification and everything and instead of getting. 1.5M I got 1M and the scramjet , insurgent pickup aren’t on a discount

  • Matthieu 11 months ago

    I buyed twitch prime but when do i got my money i claimed the bonus on the site but i still got nothing i buyed it a hour ago

  • Raymondjshea111 11 months ago

    Is this rebate still going on

  • Rego 89 11 months ago

    Even if u have ur linked before will u still get it the deal

  • LostBigGaming 11 months ago

    I only got 250000

  • Alton Howard 11 months ago


  • ichigo 11 months ago

    i recieved a message that i earnd 250k from the twitch prime but i havent got the Pixel Pete's Arcade property???

  • Unknown Guy 11 months ago

    What about the arcade bc i didn’t get the arcade but I got twitch prime in I link it plus rockstar gave me 250k

  • Bad Vibez 11 months ago

    All I want is for someone to do the heist with me and at least get 700k each

  • Alton Howard 11 months ago

    Shit I got mine for free don’t know about the rest of y’all lmao

  • xXRod _ 11 months ago

    I claimed the one from right now but got nothing

  • IDRA PEANUT 11 months ago

    I got the penthouse and the money

  • Pork-Chop-3 Plays 2k 11 months ago

    Sooooo people who don’t have twitch prime don’t get jack shit?

  • NoVa Kaoss 11 months ago

    I didn’t buy the penthouse and got the $1500000

  • Hector Herrera 11 months ago

    I got the money and the free penthouse

  • Dark Streams 11 months ago


  • TPVPMIKE - 11 months ago

    Does it work for ps4

  • Ishotubro973 11 months ago

    Way to get it now free?

  • Mateo Ceballos Querol 11 months ago

    hey so it's still going on and im almost there but when it tells me to link my gaming platform it doesnt show pc (i play on pc)

  • illproducedit 11 months ago


  • Fat MonMon 11 months ago

    what if i dont even have enough to buy the stuff in the first place

  • T2 Ldn 11 months ago


  • Fanatic • 11 months ago


  • TheDissMaster 99 11 months ago

    I only got 600k back

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