Graphic Designer REDESIGNS Your Twitch Streams (After Effects, Apple Motion, Affinity Designer)

3D transitions done in After Effects, Alerts done in Motion, this is how high end streams are made.




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  • Alpha Gaming 2 years ago

    Which redesign was your favorite? Did it give you any ideas? What would you have done differently?

  • Cheddar 2 years ago

    I'm watching this a year later… but this man is a true hero.

  • Sean Abney 2 years ago

    Harris 🥺 I cant going your discord

  • xdriplix 2 years ago

    Read my name if ur not a lame

  • ZOtheSavior 2 years ago

    what program does he use

  • jackgames095 2 years ago

    hi i started streaming but i'm not very good at making my own designs

  • iTzNerp 2 years ago

    Sam is the GOAT tho…

  • CoolConman Dude 2 years ago


  • Jaxxy 2 years ago

    bro stop with the music its too loud

  • Niko Taav 2 years ago

    my boy using affinity designer

  • FLUXXEUS 2 years ago

    Meanwhile me streaming directly from my PS4… 😣

  • Anarchy Burger 2 years ago

    Great points and ideas just subscribes.

  • 조형준 2 years ago

    he is god.

  • hazrpg 2 years ago

    The title should have "Pimp My Stream!" – I think that would have brought more viewers!

  • brendan Gee 2 years ago

    Can you help me do my channel please for Twitch I would really appreciate it and I love all your videos hope they keep coming

  • Hirnfaser 2 years ago

    The 10:00 overlay had horrible typography, why didn‘t you fix it instead of adding animations? Plus, these weren‘t really redesigns, its more like „I added some details to your designs“

  • David Law 2 years ago

    7:42 stream staring soon lol

  • jeffry 2 years ago

    When big streamer doesnt even have this bs LULW

  • Lando Calrissian 2 years ago

    Congrats on 300k

  • Static Edge 2 years ago

    I don't have any kind of knowledge or understanding on any of this kind of stuff. I wish I had a personalized overlay, But I just use one I found on Streamlabs.

  • Jamesieboy 2 years ago

    2:27 “Kung fu, Japanese style”
    Kung fu is a Chinese martial art😂

    However, I love the content💙

  • jon smiff 2 years ago

    kung fu japanese style, nice

  • Bunemusic 2 years ago

    Which Program is that?

  • swat 2 years ago

    fat man editing

  • I Drew Someone 2 years ago

    sam looks like a white ''big narstie''

  • Sore 2 years ago

    It's a shuriken, not a ninja star

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