Getting Started with The Twitch API (Live Stream)

Build a Twitch chat app using the Twitch API in JavaScript! Twitch as a streaming platform is growing in usage. As I started streaming a couple of months ago, I wanted to explore with the Twitch API to see what is possible. (hardware, software, etc.)

Learn everything you need to know about Visual Studio Code!!

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  • Aaron Soto 10 months ago

    Can you show how to integrate emotes into this type of code?

  • Sivak Games 10 months ago

    Thanks for introducing these tools. I've been experimenting with a little Node app and Comfy.js made it super easy to capture the chat. It's great that you don't even need the key if you simply want to capture the text. Is there an easy way to convert emotes to actual images?

  • Bluemez 10 months ago

    Hello, I'm pretty new to coding and I was trying to find how to get access to my app token? I couldn't seem to understand how to find it in the docs so if you can help it would be much appreciated, thanks!

  • Best Waifus 10 months ago

    What is that VSCode theme called that was used in this video? I like it :p

  • Aidan Davis 10 months ago

    Why tf do people watch twitch, holy shit this is so slow

  • BlueOnyxGaming 10 months ago

    What editor are you using for Node?

  • Neto Mercatelli 10 months ago

    Anyone knows how to connect to Twitch API with flutter? No libs found.

  • JBiggums 10 months ago

    I figured I'd find this among the links..
    and this one for the auth token for your twitch account

  • Ebele Charles 10 months ago

    Hi James, hope this meets you well. Please Im not a coder but I was wondering if its possible to use streablabs alerts donations etc on my personal live streaming website to monetize my stream. I'm not a gamer and I use Vimeo player?

  • 7Seven Fold7 10 months ago

    I don't have my computer at the moment so I'm kinda craving to code like hella bad IT'S AN ADDICTION

  • 7Seven Fold7 10 months ago

    This was fun to watch thanks

  • Matthew Ryan 10 months ago

    Hi, thanks for sharing. If you put a circular polarising filter on your camera lens, it will filter out the glare from your glass frames 🙂

  • Crisstofolo 10 months ago

    I've been trying on and off for months to learn the Twitch API. I've never been able to get it to work, but I finally was able to follow along with the video and actually get it working. I like the long form content – it's much easier to digest the information. Tysm!

  • El Chapo del 8 10 months ago

    Hey man, i have a web template for my twitch channel and it was coded with Twitch API v5. It doesn't work anymore and i know i need to migrate that code to the new API from Twitch. Are you familiar with the old v5 API and the new one? if so, can you help me?

  • Welux 10 months ago

    nice video bro!

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