GET STARTED ON TWITCH! – How to Get Started as a Streamer on Twitch – Tutorial

I know this was a very complex video so there may be lots of questions. Please leave them in the comments and I will get back right away.

Looking for the templates?

OBS Chat:

OBS Studio:

Full pics of settings:


Contact me for more help @



  • dustin reid 4 years ago

    "i dont recomend that you be on any of those platforms" woow

  • epic monster4567 4 years ago

    what internet supplier do you use to gain that kind of upload speed

  • khalil benhmida 4 years ago

    can you tell us how to use your phone as the webcam ? and the audio ? but the game play is on the computer ?

  • juan Cruz 4 years ago

    Umm guuys i was wondering if how to get pubg for free pls send me the link and also GREAT VIDEO MAN I WANT PUBG AND LEAGUE OF LEGENDS TO BE THR FIRST TWO GAMES FOR ME TO STREAM LIVE IN TWITCH OR YOUTUBE

  • Mr. X Dreams 4 years ago

    Very good video, sir. Thank you!

  • Paul Cherubino 4 years ago

    awesome info man! Big help

  • CloudDK 4 years ago

    What do i do? I cant use the new version of obs i think its because its 32 bit, what to do? Do i have to use the old one? please help

  • Diamondtuber 1 4 years ago

    Boo you deserve million subs, beacause you do such a good tutorial

  • Odinox 4 years ago

    i guess they updated OBS to 0.658 and it looks completely different than yours.. haha

  • Justin Salud 4 years ago

    Thanks for posting this! Great wrap up, makes me feel pretty confident to start up. Thumbs!


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