Free Twitch Intro & Tutorial

Free twitch intro for those of you that stream on twitch and would like there channel to be advertised in a nice graphical way. This will be a first of loads more to come so do subscribe and check me out..

[[Font Used – League Gothic]]

[[Project Files HD1080p – 418mb AE CS6]]

[[Adobe CS5.5 Project File – Put in same folder as other]]

[[Adobe CS5 or Lower Project File – Put in same folder]]

[[Software used]]
After Effects CS6, Trapcode Stroke

[[Intros Templates Playlist]]

[[Intros Playlist]]



[Watch in HD]




  • CroXiee 5 years ago

    Where can i get the software for free?

  • Lumber Express 5 years ago

    You suck

  • Dennis Sanders 5 years ago

    now the original poster just needs to search for a video titled "how to not bore to death the people who watch your tutorial videos"


  • nfection011 5 years ago

    hello, I added this as a Media sourse in OBS Studio, and it plays great, just with no audio….What am i doing wrong here.  I saved it all to a folder on my desktop and added the to the Local File but like i said no audio.  Awesome job though!

  • The Muffin Man 5 years ago

    you could make me a video i'll pay ?

  • HBsniper714 5 years ago

    fourth wall break anyone????

  • jean quete 5 years ago

    can you make an intro for me
    can you write :
    " le stream va bientot commencer"
    and make an image for that
    thank's <3

  • 0808080808 808088088 5 years ago

    do we need dubstep and explosions intro to your video? ear rape much

  • MYKY 5 years ago

    how u add this intro to OBS ???

  • Soulless512 5 years ago

    doesnt work man says that some of the files are corrupt. Never mind fixed it but i dont have the h 2.64 encoder for the render queue where do you get that from

  • SplashGames 5 years ago

    can u make one fore me i cant make it pleas. i can give u my skype than

  • thabeacon206ickness 5 years ago

    so enthusiastic

  • PlagueXKill3R 5 years ago

    lmao.. dat lisp.

  • Mordewin 5 years ago

    Hey man I really enjoy all the work you've been doing for previous clients. Throw me an email at and let's work out an intro/overlay pricing. 😀

  • Chaoshotfire 5 years ago

    thanks for this buddy awesome intro

  • Joey Gunnz 5 years ago

    Okay I'm trying to figure out how you add videos like that on to the stream in OBS, Im trying to add a outro vid. what did you set the game capture properties on for application in obs?

  • Settledmanti5 5 years ago

    Man i love your work sadly i dont have the computer to do it… do u think you can male me an intro or 2??

  • regan moran 5 years ago

    it says it needs to be converted to the 64 bit version?

  • Dexxon 5 years ago

    If you're still doing intros or interested in making one for me, I would love to work with you, I'd pay. Feel free to email me if interested –

  • Masiah 5 years ago

    Yo can you make me a intro for YouTube that says Masiah122 and has a disturbed song?

  • punk smiles 5 years ago

    do you make intros?

  • BalrogIsCool 5 years ago

    Nice to hear your voice 🙂


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